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PEAK.53 - "SOCOM 2 NAVY SEALS" Spiritual Successor is finally HERE!


When you say single kill round, do you mean something like rainbow six 3?

Yes, if a player dies, they are out of the match.

SOCOM 1/2 were 16-player battles (and SOCOM 3 had up to 32p) on big open outdoor maps. And if you eliminated everybody, you won (or had better survival rates by the end or the round, or whatever other victory condition; I don't really remember it fully, so somebody else fill in where I'm wrong?) So with the large team size and map layouts, mics were vital in tracking down those final camping snipers or identifying movement before the other squad takes over chokepoints. SOCOM had other qualities too, but IMO a big part of the nostalgia and yearning for SOCOM is because of the friends people made playing this game with each other and making a human connection with teammates they talked with online.

It's not that SOCOM was exactly revolutionary. On Xbox Live, mics were an inherent inclusion in the online system (also the network card was built into Xbox, whereas PS2 was an add-on... although in some ways, that actually worked out better for PS2 because the Online Adapter release was a milestone while XBL kind of had to explain to players that the thing they already own is now capable of being used differently, and you had to pay for a subscription and headset just to play online.) Mics could be used in PC games if you had the setup; Dreamcast even had some limited mic features in a few online games. And of course online multiplayer gaming existed long before any of thise.

But SOCM hit at just the right time with a compelling formula just as broadband was "becoming mainstream". (SOCOM 1 came out a month before XBL itself launched, and had beta tested a lot before that, so it had a bunch of heat on it even before launch.) SOCOM was also positioned with marketing as a killer app on a hugely popular platform (and this one connected with gamers enough to actually be crowned a "killer app".) Outside of PS2, XBL's initial offering of MechAssault and Unreal Championship (R6 3 didn't come out until the following March) was good but not at that same level. Meanwhile PC gamers had a lot going on, but they didn't always like talking with each other unless they had to (I loved Battlefield 1942 from that same year, but I don't remember ever using a mic in that first game?), and that community-driven approach to online was still an aspiration rarely achieved.

SOCOM was a right-time/right-game/right-console situation and it caught on perfectly. It was THE game of PlayStation's move into online, and it worked.
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blue velvet

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Looks like a cheap imitation of SOCOM series. Sony needs to invest on their old IPs. Sure, it's not cinematic, netflix style, yada yada "videogame" and probably won't sell 10million copies but we badly need a high quality shooters from them. They need to reboot SOCOM, Killzone, and Syphon Filter.
No way in hell I would back again for a spiritual Socom succesor.

Have enough people been ripped of on Kickstarter or why do the devs chose indiegogo???

This tip noise in the trailer is annoying as fuck.

I wish the devs the best but I stopped trusting people especially after the H-Hour scam. The people who participated on this scam should rot in jail tbh. Fuck them.

I have more trust in a console version of caliber than someone else developing a new wannabe Socom.

DOA. Feel sorry for anyone who backs this. Like was said in that bigfry video, just a shitty asset flip. Saddens me as SOCOM is one of my favorite franchises ever.
The original creators even tried making their own sequel and it fizzled out. I think a lot of games we want were just the products of cheap, fast low risk development compared to what we have now.
Looks like a cheap imitation of SOCOM series. Sony needs to invest on their old IPs. Sure, it's not cinematic, netflix style, yada yada "videogame" and probably won't sell 10million copies but we badly need a high quality shooters from them. They need to reboot SOCOM, Killzone, and Syphon Filter.
Its better if sony doesnt bring back socom or syphon filter since they wont do it correct.


The Indiegogo looks like it was written by someone who is doing all of this for the first time. Like... everything for the first time including writing a game pitch.

Looks like absolute dogshit. ChatGPT could write a better Indiegogo page.

If you want to back this, go ahead, but you are wasting your money.
Which, in this modern era, is common since assets are so ready available and you're going to see assets acquired and reused, so when a developer gets hammered for asset flipping, it's good to look into it to know if it's a fair or over-extended accusation...

In this case though, it seems pretty warranted to be very wary. They're not just using buildings and debris from a library, there are apparently whole SOCOM-style maps on Marketplace which have been just dropped into this project, then they put a soldier and a SOCOM-style TPS reticule in and called it a Kickstarter project. No online infrastructure, no weapon mechanics systems (other than what is, again, available in stores, if not ripped from SOCOM itself,) really not much unique work at all. It's made to look like SOCOM (using materials prepared by SOCOM fans not employed by this company,) but little if any of the work to make a SOCOM product has been done, and little of that work even has actually been done by this development staff.

It's not impossible for a playable SOCOM-like game to come out of whatever this company is trying to sell here. Scam'ish projects do sometimes go all the way to market, and although it'd be scummy to just pull all the assets and level design from other sources and sell it as if you created something, if all the end user cared about was a SOCOM-like experience and this team somehow built it, then so be it. (BTW, some community development unit without an Indiegogo should take note that this material is out there, ready to be assembled like this.) But the fact that they're asking for money, and that they have a different project which also has yet to ship which also has some questionable history, there should be more than enough red flags to not put any investment in this and even be careful when/if it were to actually come out.
To be fair, they did add 2 barrels..


The more I researched and listened to some things the main dev and his partner have said it seems like they're phishing around and avoiding any major PR fuck ups they don't seem at all genuine if you can read peoples body language and listen to the words between the lines you know they're up to no good.

First the dev stated about the levels being assets is that they didn't want to spend time on level design when the game is about tactical shooting. Yet creating a gun, muzzle flash, damage etc in UE5 is insanely easy with some tutorials which gives a bad taste in my mouth. Because at the end of the day they should have a Block Out/Metric area to test these features not running around the map they purchased to show off the base graphics of UE5, I'd rather see a block out zone with zones to test gun damage, grenade damage and other game metrics also the blatant key art rip offs from the marketplace is lazy.

They're celebrating small wins a little too soon to egg on the few people supporting them, they're trying hard for that money to say the least and it's kinda sad.
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