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Rumor: Phil Spencer will be at TGS with a new Xbox game announcement.


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Phil Spencer could be at TGS 2022, probably to make an announcement: this is the rumor that reached the ears of journalist Jez Corden, who, however, still cannot guarantee its validity .

According to Corden, Spencer's eventual presence at the Japanese event could be linked to a commitment by Xbox on the production front in the Japanese industry or the formalization of some kind of collaboration. After all, it wouldn't be the first time this has happened.

We know that Xbox will be performing at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 on September 15 at 6:00 am PT, and we imagine that the CEO of Microsoft Gaming will take advantage of this stage for its appearance.

The possibilities, in any case, are many: maybe Spencer will only appear in video, this has also happened and it can focus once again on Xbox Game Pass, confirming the arrival to the catalog of new games popular among the Japanese public.

Before Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon fans (all 5 of you) jump up, it's more likely, if true, the announcement will be a new Ip that will be console exclusive to Xbox. Although a revival of one of there handful of Japanese Ip could be in store as well.

Considering Microsoft still has that event to announce something and show off games releasing the rest of the year, it's likely they may make some big new announcements too. After all, after talking about X022 earlier this year, MS has been quiet about the event since, an considering it's September I believe it likely won't be happening this year if there's no news for it by now, so TGS will be the last Xbox event this year so they'll likely make it count.

There's also a chance it could be that new Kojima game that Microsoft has a trailer for at their showcase, the one where no game was shown and was just showing Kojima speaking about a concept. maybe by now he may have something to show/ I know many people hear forgot all about that game that was supposed to make use of cloud servers.

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give us Octopath 2 on game pass. I want to be able to play that game handheld and docked. But would much rather have it 4K/ 60 than what it’ll be on Switch. It’s yours to lose, Xbox!

Make it happen


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Unless it's a big publisher like S-E or Capcom, it shouldn't have any impact. If Microsoft buys Mistwalker for example, no regulatory body is going to care about that.

The current investigation is exploring a possible monopolistic action, buying more studios at all can be used against MS during this stage.


The current investigation is exploring a possible monopolistic action, buying more studios at all can be used against MS during this stage.

Maybe, but it's all speculation at this point. The only regulatory body with those concerns right now is the UK. Saudi Arabia, for example, has already approved the deal. Buying a small Japanese studio isn't going to move the needle one way or another.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
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