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SD Gundam Battle Alliance unleashes its second batch of Mobile Suits and Characters in a new trailer

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SD Gundam Battle Alliance unleashes its second batch of Mobile Suits and Characters in a new trailer​

Bandai Namco shared a new trailer for SD Gundam Battle Alliance that introduces its second batch of playable Mobile Suits and characters in the upcoming action RPG. The previous trailer that had its first batch contained the Freedom Gundam, Guntank, and 00 Raiser among others.

This trailer includes the following Mobile Suits and their pilots:
  • Gundam Ground Type - Shiro Amada
  • Full Armor Gundam - Io Fleming
  • Psycho Zaku - Daryl Lorenz
  • Gundam "Alex" - Christina Mackenzie
  • Kampfer - Mikhail Kaminsky
  • ZZ Gundam - Judau Ashta
  • V2 Assault Buster Gundam - Üso Ewin
  • Gundam Double X - Garrod Ran
  • Justice Gundam - Athrun Zala
  • Gundam Exia Repair II - Setsuna F. Seiei
  • Gundam Barbatos Lupus - Mikazuki Augus
Recently, SD Gundam Battle Alliance announced that it will have the Gouf Custom, Gundam GP03 "Stamen", Hyaku Shiki, Kshatriya, Banshee (Destroy Mode), Sinanju, Cherudim Gundam, Arios Gundam, Seravee Gundam, Turn A Gundam, Destiny Gundam, and Strike Freedom Gundam.

At Anime Expo 2022, Bandai Namco unveiled that the Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai will also be coming to the game at the Gundam panel.

In the new trailer for the second batch of units, Gundam "Alex" wears its Chobham armor once it activates its special skill. Kampfer stylishly air juggles, cancels, and re-air juggles opponents with its bazookas. Gundam Double X employs its mace in the middle of combos and fires its Twin Satellite Cannon when it unleashes its special skill.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance launches on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam) on August 25 worldwide. People who pre-order get the Liu Bei Unicorn, Sun Jian Astray, and Cao Cao Wing Gundams unlocked from the start.

Source: RPG Site


As much as I always appreciate the effort that goes into these titles, the real time combat in this puts me off.

I much prefer the turn based games they do, which always have some of the best attack animations in the genre.

Hoping for a proper turn based follow up to Cross Rays personally.


it's available for pre-order on Steam, if that helps. not sure about the consoles yet since I had not check.

come on. SD Gundam had always been a thing. while I know it's kinda an acquire taste, it's far from terrible.
I can see digital preorders, just not hard copy.


I'm new to the world of Gundam, which game(s) do you recommend?

If you are after a turn based strategy SD Gundam game, despite the fact that the series has been around for years, English language releases are few and far between unfortunately.

Some of the older games were fan translated, but mostly JP only releases.

I'd recommend the last game in the series Cross Rays, which is available in English on Steam here:

(It was just on sale too, do not pay full price for it, it's regularly 75% off)

Not sure if you play on PC, so FYI it also released on Switch and PS4, but those "English" releases are only available in the SEA region, where they basically tacked on the English localization onto the SEA release.

Best bet if you want to play it on Switch or PS4/5 is to either:
-- Import a physical copy (be prepared to pay through the teeth for it)
-- Do some shenanigans and change your store to the SEA region and buy it digitally.


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SD Gundam Battle Alliance is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Check out the launch trailer and get ready to fight in this Action RPG, featuring familiar faces from the Gundam series, the ability to develop new mobile suits, and more.
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new trailer for all the content in the season pass, honestly the extra missions are fun so far they have all been break missions which allows for some fun mix ups to happen. looking forward to the next 2 parts
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