Shinji Mikami Teases Mysterious Remake


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It looks like the creator of Resident Evil and Dino Crisis, Shinji Mikami, is working on a remake in conjunction with PlatinumGames and Capcom. If this sounds like an odd trio, it's because it is. While all of these parties have worked together in some capacity in the past, how the three of them add up to one single game isn't clear. All we currently know about the game -- thanks to Mikami's Facebook page -- is that PlatinumGames and Capcom are involved and that it's a remake. What's not clear is whether Tango Gameworks, Shinji Mikami's studio, which is owned by Bethesda/Xbox, is involved.

If Tango Gameworks is involved you'd assume. this is Dino Crisis given that Tango Gameworks, at least so far, has only worked on horror games. That said, if it's Dino Crisis, a survival-horror series, it's not clear why PlatinumGames would be involved as horror really isn't its genre. If Tango Gameworks isn't involved, then it's possible this is a God Hand remake. Other games/series that have been thrown around in speculation include Vanquish, Okami, and Resident Evil, but these possibilities seem less likely.

Of course, if Tango Gameworks is involved then it's possible this project is an Xbox exclusive as Tango is a Bethesda studio, and Bethesda is owned by Xbox. But at this point, it seems unlikely. You'd imagine in this setup Capcom is the publisher and PlatinumGames is the developer. A co-developer situation between PlatinumGames and Tango Gameworks doesn't make much sense. Yet again, neither does Xbox allowing Shinji Mikami, one of their most valuable developers, to go off to work on a non-Xbox game.



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If it's Godhand remake, I WILL SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! It makes too much sense...other IPs from that Capcom subset (Production Studio 4, Clover Studio, PlatinumGames) already got spiritual sucessors, leaving Godhand in the I started replaying it recently on the PS3 the OG version so the timing makes sense too
Either this, Veiwtiful Joe, Okami, or Devil May Cry 1.
With how risk averse and franchise focused studios have become, DMC1 seems most likely. However, they have an internal team so it'll also be kinda weird if it was. Same with RE. Viewtiful Joe doesn't seem likely to me. Okami doesn't really need a remake. Dino Crisis? Vanquish? Onimusha?

It'll most definitely not be God Hand
Please be Godhand
Would be nice to see them make a Mega Man game with combat that is as lightning fast as Nier Automata. Or a Dino Crisis game.
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I've checked throughly to make sure, but yes, this is completely fake and comes from a random account ran by somebody that can say whatever they want.

There's no remake. no collaboration, no nothing. Very sorry people, because it would be awesome but literal bullshit.


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Viewtiful Joe or God Hand would be it, I don't see what other games they'd want him or Platinum for. But it's fake bullshit even if the OP doesn't mention it relying on the "rumour" tag to avoid heat but having nothing indicating there's no actual Mikami announcement but just a troll account.
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honestly, I've come to think the Dino Crisis remake should be the last thing done. So Capcom can employ all the lessons learned in other remakes. I love RE3 and while I didn't dislike its remake, it didn't show as much love as 2 and 4 are getting... So better they wait and do it right.
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It's so hyperstylized and good looking (all the sharp polygonal edges only add to the look), and the gameplay is so unique, there's absolutely no need for a remake or update of anytime.
Fuck that. If we can have a Last of Us remake (no, it didn't deserve nor need a remake) then we can have a fucking Okami Remake.

That said, I'd rather have Okami 2 anyway. (And no, Okamiden doesn't count).
Fuck that. If we can have a Last of Us remake (no, it didn't deserve nor need a remake) then we can have a fucking Okami Remake.

That said, I'd rather have Okami 2 anyway. (And no, Okamiden doesn't count).
I'm way more open to Okami 2. That I'd like to see. I miss when Platinum games was fresh off being Clover and they tried all sorts of genre breaking experiments. Nowadays every game they make is some variant of Bayonetta-lite.

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