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Soulstice Gamescom 2021 trailer, gameplay


Publisher Modus Games and developer Reply Game Studios have released the Gamescom 2021 trailer for fantasy action RPG Soulstice.

Additionally, IGN has published a 14-minute gameplay breakdown with the developers.

Soulstice is due out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam in 2022

Looking really good. Also getting a lot of Berserk vibes from this.
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I thought the armor and sword looked very berserk-like. Then like 30 seconds into the IGN interview they mention Berserk and Claymore as direct influences.

Looks interesting. I like the visual style but the actual combat looks a bit lackluster


The Berserk references are VERY on the nose to the point they actually feel like ripoffs ( the sword and armor especially ).

But I think it looks good.

Why do trailers feel like they have the same editing and sound effects/ music tho xD?

Oh and the end with the teeth.
Holy hell it really is just ripping off lol, it goes beyond just being a reference they're literally just copypasting things.
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At first was very interesting, but then I realized how much of a ripoff of other materials it has.

There's quite a big difference between homage and shameless rip off.

The protagonist itself is a gender flipped Guts from berserk. And they even copied Schierke wtf.
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