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The Random Youtube Video Thread

Scotty W

I have argued similarly elsewhere that all videogames are racist.

Mr Definitely makes himself look like a fool.


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It's hilarious that there are people still just bagging their fruit or walking right past him like this shit happens all the time -- nothing to see here! :D

If some dude started doing that at the Walmart in my country town, it'd be on the fucking news, and the city would shut down. The dude would be ambushed with new fans! Crazy!


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Guy, I think, kinda sums it up around the 1:30-minute mark, "We are in hell. We must think on how to escape from it."

And this may be where it begins (again). I think we're likely to see this throughout the world over time -- perhaps in quite a short time. But I think he's right in what he said.


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This video was stuck in my recommendations for like +4 weeks

I've noticed that. Some videos are on front page until you fucking click them.
Maybe they have secret eye tracking or mouse tracking and you HOVERED over the stupid video


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Back when I played, sometimes I’d start up a giant torrent and be impossible to hit. The amount of rage in those lobbies was hilarious

Oh man, I think I did that many times on accident.. Laggy Midship matches while waiting for my Naruto fix and such except in my case it never worked in my advantage lol...

But this dude is legit. His map knowledge as well as spawn points etc is on point. Very cathartic to watch for some reason.
Fatrat is another one.
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