The Random Youtube Video Thread


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Holy shit, Speed, it's been years and friggin' years.

We never had this show in the Netherlands, we did had a lot of Hanna Barbera shows I can't remember to much of.. I do vaguely remember one that consisted of a cross over of the "HB Universe" where all characters were racing ala Mario Kart.. Still have some VHS's somewhere.


LOTR but every time Sam takes a step towards Mordor he says ‘one more step, it’ll be the farthest away from home I’ve ever been’.
The madness begins at 37:41. Funny time stamps in comments.
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Didn’t know lock picking ompetitions were a thing. I now want to learn how to pick locks so I can show up to this things and wipe the floor with these fools

Great Hair

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I'd take some of those Commodore monitors and that first organ/keyboard that's in the room with the monitors. And the data cassette player.
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