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Ubisoft CEO defends Skull and Bones’ $70 price despite its live service leanings, calls it ‘quadruple-A’


it's becoming ridiculous, how can we take this kind of statement seriously, ubisoft has become a madhouse.

We are really taken for idiots with this kind of statement. AAAA, more ahahahah, I tried the game with a friend and we are clearly on a double A with no passion behind it, a project doomed to die, abortion should be the logical choice to make.


There's nothing wrong with $70 video games. Gamers simply have unrealistic expectations when it comes to value.

You go see Oppenheimer for 3 hours and pay $20 for the ticket alone. No one says anything. You buy 2 tickets. And popcorn. Thats 50 bucks. For 3 hours.

Yet you'd all bitch and moan for an $80 GTA6 that will entertain you for hundreds if not THOUSANDS of hours. Give me a break.

If you want high quality AAA games. Be prepared to pay for them.
There's no problem with 70$ games or 80$ or 100$ but shit that releases nowadays isn't worth the 20 dollar bargain bin games from 10 years ago let alone 70$. It's all unfinished pretentious garbage.Sometimes with a dash of woke in it too cuz who doesn't like to get schooled by some activist devs while they play their quadrouple A 70$ game...
I wanted to try the beta. Was greeted with an ubisoft connect login/ register page and even that was too much of an effort for me.

Haven't seen any beta impressions yet, but I have a feeling im not missing a thing.

If I was inticed to play it, I would've made an account, but me not wanting to put in the effort is part because of a gut feeling that this game stinks.


70$ for a game that's already got a lot of bad press and needs players to stay afloat. Good luck.
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Going all in on overenthusiastic marketing speech is the perfect recipe to get overpromise but underdeliver results. Even if it is an at least decent game.
Believe in your product, but stay humble, and tone it the fuck down if you already have rather bad responses from Betas and probably actually don't believe yourself in the quality anymore.


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If they work even harder they will produce the fabled 5A game, and attain a level of gaming perfection only a french dev can achieve (artistic depiction below).



It's only AAAA because of the amount of money ubisoft has had to sink into it because of a numb nuts decision they made to get the game made 🤣.

It should've/would've been shitcanned ages ago if wasn't for that deal


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This is the game that Ubisoft did not cancel only because it was part of a deal with the Singapore goverment.

"It will deliver on the long run" says all you need about this turd.


With everything Ubisoft is saying lately I'll be defending my bank balance, are they stupid, this attitude will cost them sales and an even worse reputation and it wasn't good to start with
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Considering what "AAA" actualy means and how unsure Ubisoft seems to be about its success. CCC would be better.

(Its from the bond credit rating system where "AAA" is a prime, aka 100% sure investment. Can you go above that? no. CCC would be a "vulnerable" investment based mostly on speculation).


It is a very game, ya you can trust me, the more you play the more itsa game! Very good, very very good, lot of A dat could be yours!

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Been anticipating this game since it was announced.
Enjoying the beta alot and will def purchase. However, not at launch- I will wait for the infamous Ubi Soft discount within a month or so.


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Why stop at AAAA? Why not AAAAA or AAAAAA? I'm unimpressed by the lacking amount of A's here.

I only buy AAAAAAAAA games.


This is the game that Ubisoft did not cancel only because it was part of a deal with the Singapore goverment.
This is 100% bullshit. Many governents (not only Singapore) give grants and other type of help to many gaming companies (not only Ubisoft), but they represent a tiny portion of the budget of games like this one, that did cost hundreds of millions.

If they would have wanted to cancel it they'd have do it.


The game is a steaming pile of shit. It's like they took one fun part of Black Flag and tried to make a game around it and it's absolute garbage.
Ive only played 3 hours, its way better then what i expected, not a fan of GAAS but for what ive played it was ok, i enjoyed it more then ark, sea of thieves and thay suicide squad game, would i buy it? Definitely not
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