[VG Tech] Tormented Souls | PS4, Pro, One, One X, Switch | Analysis


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Jesus Christ this game...
720p on One X...

On all consoles there's noticeable stutter caused by the camera updating inconsistently.

PS4 Pro renders at a resolution of 1920x1080.

PS4, Xbox One S and Xbox One X all render at a resolution of 1280x720.

Switch in both docked mode and in portable mode renders at a resolution of 1280x720.
Switch in portable mode is still capped at 60fps but runs at a lower average framerate than docked mode.
The difference in performance between docked mode and portable mode varies per scene and in some scenes performance seems to be similar.

Switch has a bug where switching from docked to portable mode and then back to docked mode causes the game to render at 1920x1080.
When rendering at 1920x1080, Switch generally has degraded performance compared to when rendering at 1280x720, but it does vary per scene

Switch has graphical reductions compared to PS4 such as: simplified lighting, reduced texture quality, reduced texture filtering, reduced shadow quality, removed motion blur, removed depth of field, removed film grain and removed antialiasing.

The PS4 consoles appear darker and have posterisation not seen to the same extent on the Xbox One consoles.

PS4 consoles have improved texture filtering compared to the Xbox One consoles

Cutscenes are letterboxed which results in a lower effective resolution during these scenes.

The pre-rendered cutscenes run at 30fps and exhibit frame pacing issues

These frame pacing issues occurred much less often on the PS4 consoles.
Pre-rendered cutscene playback is very poor on Switch in portable mode.

There are graphical cutbacks on the last gen consoles compared to the current gen.
An example of this can be seen when comparing the Main Hall area on PS4 Pro and Xbox Series S where the lighting and shadows are significantly parred back on PS4 Pro

The differences can be less pronounced in other areas.

Frames Pixel Counted:
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This explains a lot about the results on XSeries and PS5.....

What a disaster, being an indi with a small budget does not justify such a degree of incompetence.
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Nah. It doesn't. Releasing at 720p on One X makes no sense.

Take the same build you made for Xbox one and use the massive GPU headroom on the One X to scale up the resolution.

Even if you're a one man dev, that's not exactly rocket science.
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