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Warner Bros CEO: "Suicide Squad Release was a disappointment"


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On the Warner Bros. Discovery earnings call this morning, CEO David Zaslav said that their quarter's financials took a hit due to the "disappointing release of Suicide Squad," the newest game from Rocksteady Studios

Studios revenue dropped 12% year over year to $2.8 billion, primarily due to a gaming slump, with “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” not performing as well as massive hit “Hogwarts Legacy” in the comparable Q1 2023. Warner Bros. Discovery said it took an impairment charge for “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League,” as the DC game generated “significantly lower” revenue than “Hogwarts Legacy.”



Mr Hyde

These fucking braindead executives will never learn. They will run as many studios into the ground as they possibly can without ever thinking twice about it. Tango, Arkane, Rocksteady, Bioware, Visceral, Lionhead and many more. Either downsized, purged of talent or just gone from the face of the earth because of the mismanagement from some clueless suit who doesn't even like or care about video games. Only numbers and engagement.


And now create Hogwarts Legacy 2 as live service game, and just all of you over there press button SELF DESTRUCT


I ell what the fuck did you expect, David? You incompetent goons told a studio who made single player games to make a shitty live service they likely didn’t want to make.


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What happens when you cater to an audience that doesn't buy your products.
I swear gaming company's market research simply just focuses on who is the loudest on the net.

I hope game companies realize when it comes to customer intentions, there's a difference between who purchases the product and who uses it (or in this case who talks about it).
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