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What, are you listening to?


This photo is Prefaced by me personally seeing double digits at regular intervals. I've had this happen to me for as long as I can remember.

It comes and goes, like phases (just when was about to type phases the guest on the podcast I'm listening to as I type says, you guessed it; phases. How's that for synchronicity heh. This particular guest coined the term Near Death Experience, he sounds old lol)

I was listening on my phone via spotify but I thought why not play it on my Xbox Spotify app, right? So i open the app and see the tab to continue listening. I clicked on it and paused to corroborate it's the same guest. Well. Look at the time stamp;


Love it.

Lately, as in the last 2 a 3 weeks it's been 11:11 and 17:17. On a daily basis. Sometimes one of those but often both...

Anyways, felt like sharing.


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I have never bought a Muse album, but I will buy their new one based on the few songs they have already released. It's really heavy for Muse.

This was the most recent.

I just discovered this band last week and have been listening to them. It's death metal, but there is something different about this band. I'm not usually into death metal or the vocal style that goes along with it, but this band is amazing.

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