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Yuji Naka Had "Mixed Feelings" About Sonic on Non-Sega Systems


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Sonic has appeared on Nintendo systems many times, as well as on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The move no doubt introduced the character to a much bigger audience, but Sonic creator Yuji Naka revealed in a Tweet this weekend that he struggled a bit seeing the character on other consoles.

"I had mixed feelings about Sonic's run on non-Sega hardware, both sad and happy. It's been 20 years now," Naka wrote on Twitter.



Initially I was happy because it meant Sonic would continue to exist even when SEGA hardware didn't.

But good Sonic games seemed to die with the Dreamcast anyway. The ports were fine, but the new games starting with Heroes turned me off the franchise. At least fans showed up to give us Mania.

Sometimes I wonder if Sonic could have just stayed where he was with no new games so we wouldn't have to keep fucking the corpse of my beloved favorite game character.


The quality of recent Sonic games is my mixed feelings.



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I probably wouldn't have been exposed to Sonic if it weren't for his presence on non Sega platforms. However. I wish the circumstances behind his presence on non Sega platforms were better. Like how Sony ports recent games to PC while still being in the console business. Ideally, I would've been exposed to Sonic on his home turfs, Sega systems.


Sonic is passing through a midlife crysis with all this "failed try outs" styles of gameplay. Boom, Lost World...you name it. It feels like instead of trying something decent that stands out with quality they do "whats the next genre we can try next with Sonic?" instead. It won't be long until they fail(again) with Sonic Frontier only to create a Sonic FPS game or a Sonic Battle Royale.
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