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Abandoned’s developer claims it ‘reached out’ to Silent Hill publisher Konami (VGC)



The developer behind Abandoned has claimed it reached out to Silent Hill publisher Konami.

Speaking with journalist Colin Moriarty on PlayStation podcast Sacred Symbols+ (paywalled, transcribed by VGC), Hasan Kahraman, the developer behind the game, claimed that he contacted the Japanese publisher following speculation that his project was tied to the dormant horror franchise.

“I reached out to them, I was stressed out because people thought it was Silent Hill. It got so out of hand, and you know, you’re this small developer, you’ve never had a big audience, you’re inexperienced. I reached out to Konami saying like, ‘Hey you know what, it was never my intention’ and they were really cool.”

Hasan Kahrama had to appear on camera in June 2021 to debunk the idea that the game was the work of Hideo Kojima.

He tweeted a video of himself in an attempt to end internet speculation that he was a pseudonym for Kojima.

“Just wanted to do a really quick video to show myself, [and] that I’m a real person,” Kahraman says in the clip. “I’m not really associated with Hideo Kojima, not an actor, not working on Silent Hill, so yeah, I just wanted to show you guys my face and that I’m real, and hopefully we’ll do a Q&A really soon.”

Aside from a brief teaser, virtually nothing from the game has been shown. Despite repeated delays, a playable prologue, which Hasan claims in the same Sacred Symbols+ interview “will fund” the final game, has yet to materialise.

Earlier this week, a tweet from the Blue Box Game Studios Twitter account dispelled rumours that the game had been cancelled.

“In regards to the latest rumours regarding Abandoned being cancelled, our response to this is that these rumours are false”.


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Am I the only one who was quite surprised that for a guy who supposedly lives in the Netherlands and seems to be of Turkish descent he didn't really seem to have an accent indicative of either?


This guy is up there with legends and he hasn't even shipped a single game yet.

Do I think its fake tho? Yep. As vaporware as War Devil was for the PS3. (Look it up if you're interested.)


They teased the name Silent hill, a screenshot of dude with eye patch, and more. And now acting surprised, wtf


Everyone blame this guy when you should blame yourself for building an imaginary world were this is some super elaborated kojima prank while feeding it for more than a year.
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Kojima's bazinga marketing still keeping people on their toes, unveliabable.
It's also unvelivable that the trailer for this game was ever asociated to him, like for real, there was no 1 asset looking professional on it and people were speculating like madmans, must have being a mix of copium overdose and some trauma left by Kojimas shenanigans.

Also, this guys know what they are doing, this "news" resurface every once in a while with nothing to show.
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Love how this guy is acting like an innocent victim. What a fraud. His game is gonna be an awful asset flip.


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
Hmmm...perhaps this news has something to do with Sony acquisition? Perhaps Hasan is trolling us


Seen the whole interview. I have a hard time believing this will be anything other than yet another shitty AA 1st person horror game.
Everyone blame this guy when you should blame yourself for building an imaginary world were this is some super elaborated kojima prank while feeding it for more than a year.

I never once believed this clown of a con artist.

He should just make the ultimate fake game, play into his image at this point.
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