Adventure Games Never Died, They Just Stopped Being Good (Extra Punctuation)

SF Kosmo

Adventure games weren't bad, but they did get a bit stuck. Or rather anyone who played one would get a bit stuck if they didn't use a walkthrough.

There are a few games that managed to implement intuitive and effective hint systems that would smooth out the rough edges without ruining the game's challenge and satisfaction, but not many.

The genre peaked with Pandora Directive.


Now not sure if I should do old or new graphics first. Probably better old first I think. I'm guessing you get all or nothing, as in can't get remastered audio with old graphics? Not complaining obviously that would be a bit above and beyond to allow you to mix and match like that, just wondering.
AFAIK, yes. You can use the remastered audio with the old graphics.
I prefer old, but new graphics aren't bad anyway. We're far from the Monkey Island Remaster disasters.
The game is quite easy, except for a single bad puzzle (kicking the wall) and a little short. It's also got one of the best gaming intros ever.


So it is difficult to design good custom puzzles for different scenes, and your average punter doesn't appreciate it anyway. They just want to see the pretty pictures and hear the pretty words, not think. This sort of defeatism is how you end up with David Cage as your saviour.


I never got around to Full Throttle, you know whats the best way to play it?
GOG have got it the special edition for PC, you can get it on Gamepass too, or as well playing it on the PS4/ is absoultely crazy that the head of double fine studios thinks that the Full throttle story is done, and there is no going back more so because the voice of Ben is no longer with this us....when clearly the full throttle universe is rich enough to have a spin off story, ie Ben having a son/daughter/ for a whole new point and click adventure, more so when the first game was all-too short!
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