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CEO of Certain Affinity likes a tweet about Microsoft buying them


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Max Hoberman was the father of Halo's multiplayer as the multiplayer lead for Halo CE and 2, and led Halo 3's development until he left in 2006 to make his own studio with his colleagues.
They have been helping in Halo's development since then
  • Made the Blastacular Map Pack DLC for Halo 2
  • Made the Defiant Map Pack DLC for Halo Reach
  • Remade the Halo CE multiplayer in Halo Reach engine for Halo CEA
  • Designed the Halo 4 forge and designed some of the maps
  • Remade the Halo 2 multiplayer in Halo 4 engine for Halo 2A and remade 6 maps

From 26:58 they discussed how Certain Affinity helped with Halo 2A multiplayer for Halo MCC
Apart from this they also co-developed Doom (2016) multiplayer and helped in some COD games.
And now they are developing a new PvPvE mode for Halo Infinite
They are also working on a Monster Hunter inspired game for Xbox(Monster Hunter in space? Isn't Monster Hunter inspired by Phantasy Star Online?)
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Ask me about my fanboy energy!
They dont own a dozen multi million selling IP so i doubt microsoft is very interested
And they were interested in Ninja Theory/Obsidian/InXile/Compulsion Games/Undead Labs/Double Fine anyway. Funny how before Bethesda Microsoft were accused of "They only buy small AA devs to make Game Pass games, they don't want to spend big".
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Infamy v1

Now that's actually OrGaNiC gRoWtH I can get behind.

Seriously though, these guys have pretty much been Microsoft 2nd party devs for nearly two decades. It's time, Phil.
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Max is a legend, I highly recommend the podcasts recently done with him regarding development of Halo in the golden years.


It does make sense, as their primary projects have been supporting Halo, Call of Duty, and Doom. All franchises that Microsoft already own or will own soon. So this would be a defensive acquisition so that they don't lose access to their capabilities.


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Sometimes you need to buy them to avoid another Bizarre Creations/Double Helix situation.

I meant more from the consumer perspective of why I'd care either way.

The combo of them being a support studio, and a support studio who now generally work on one publisher's games means nothing really changes as far as my access to games on any given platform.

For MS? Sure, if they are talented.. and are for sale.. and already keen on the workflow of working w/ XGX, Activision, and even Bethesda (Doom)??? No brainer.
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Wow, well with the kind of brand trust people have with Halo they could even make up a new mode.

This could be exciting? I really hope it's not a BR.

I was heavy into Halo Infinite when it first came out, but I quickly forgot about it.

Also why is a company's liking a tweet something that's worthy of an entire thread? Stick it in the other thread about the company that was posted.
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