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Crimes against stinkmanity...

Have ye a tale to tell?

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  • I'm inured to potty humor AND stench.

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I don't know who bumped this but you asked for it...

I have a very strict diet and it's a routine diet (which is usually the same thing daily). However, every other weekend I'll eat things that hit my gut wrong. My gut can't handle fast food or junk food in general. A couple months back I cleared out my room with a fart that smelled like someone set a dusty cardboard crate on fire. The next night, the farts came back smelling like dirt baked in an over alongside rotting meat. They burn too when they go out which is always the first warning.

If you're curious as to what the catalyst is and why they're not meant for the human body: processed foods. That's it. By the way... Tschumi Tschumi 's been gone like a year now -- what gives?

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Thankfully no, and I normally don't use public restrooms. I will tell you though I did manage to invent a time-bending shit once and it felt great!
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