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[DF] The Gunk on Xbox Series X/S - Digital Foundry Tech Review


I had this installed since last week and haven’t got around to playing it yet. This actually looks pretty nice. I’m not expecting much but the environments make it look pretty cool.


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The art style, especially the main character, looks a bit ugly.

Indeed, looks like the main character is carrying a massive load of poo in her pants as well. I'll give it a go still but my hype has slid off the side of the operating table so I'll wait for deep sale.

edit - As others saying its more annoying its such a letdown given that Steamworld Dig 2 was fucking amazing, thats one of the best metroidvanias ever made imo. It even has Mario Sunshine/Odyssey style challenge rooms. They took allllll the right inspirations for that game.

What the heck were they inspired by for this game?
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Magic Carpet

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The plot should be called "The Tiff". The main characters have cabin fever and are getting on each others nervs.
I've been ragging on the game since I finished it but it's actually a decent game with a good playtime and simple enjoyable mechanics.


My little VRR pleasure pearl goes vrrrooommm.
Quite enjoyed the game, find it pretty relaxing after playing Halo online, something you don't have to concentrate too hard to enjoy.
It's always satisfying when you clear an area too.


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Played through this recently, didn’t really know what to expect but it was quite fun. But it’s far from perfect, the entire upgrade system seems quite pointless to me. They could’ve done a lot more with that.

A short but sweet little game.
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Punished Miku

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Coming from SteamWorld Dig games to the gunk is a huge downgrade on everything



This gets a look, but Psychonauts 2 gets a pass... I stopped watching all their stuff last year. :messenger_grinning_sweat:

To be fair, if you notice, DF's new contributor Oliver is doing a lot of these 'smaller' game videos that DF normally wouldn't touch (eg Tales of Arise). Oliver is a fairly new addition, if he were around the time Psychonauts 2 had come out, I bet he would have covered it.
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I enjoyed the gameplay. Chill game. Easy. I enjoyed clearing out all that gunk like a Ghostbuster.

Voice acting sucks though. And whatever their story is.
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