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Guide to the Best Games in Dreams from 2021

The collection is available in-game in Dreams here. You can sign into indreams.me and quickly add any of these games to your play queue from this collection.

sanderobros & SDorin


Frontier is an open world racing game. It has a massive environment filled with time trial events, collectibles, and multiple biomes all seemingly squeezed into a single scene. It has great controls, a VR mode, car customization, and even a photo mode.

Length: Depending on your racing ability, you can probably complete all the events and have your fill exploring the map in 1 hour.

Corrupt Momentum & Corrupt Escalation


Corrupt Momentum is a fast-paced first-person shooter where you need to quickly switch between different weapons and their alternate firing modes to stop from being overrun. It features a 30 minute campaign and when you’re done you can switch to Corrupt Escalation, a wave defence arena shooter expansion that uses improved mechanics from the story mode.

Length: The story mode is 30 minutes long. The wave defense mode could keep you entertained for hours depending on how much time you want to put in trying to rank on the scoreboards. The game is easy to learn but hard to master.



Ascent Remastered is a stylish action-adventure game which gives off some serious ICO vibes. It is a ground up remake of an old Dream from 2019 now benefiting from the creators two extra years of experience. This new version features combat, puzzles, platforming and set pieces.

Length: 1 hour

Hogwarts Castle


Hogwarts Castle is a fully explorable version of the Hogwarts castle. It’s still listed as a work in progress, but there is already a significant amount of work that has been done. There is some light interactivity on offer with a few spells programmed into the game which allow you to manipulate objects in the scene, and cast lumos to explore dark areas. The project currently includes 50+ linked scenes including all of the house common rooms, Hagrid’s Hut, The Quidditch pitch etc. Outside of Hogwarts castle there are a number of external scenes also such as Diagon Alley, The Burrow and the Ministry of Magic which can be visited as separate creations. Although it's not been designed with VR in mind players have tested and confirmed this feature works very well.

Length: Exploring all the scenes will take at least an hour even with a whirlwind tour.



Ridge Racer Evolution is an almost picture-perfect copy of the original 1995 racing game’s art style. Rather than a remake, the creator has designed a variety of original tracks inspired by the original, and there are a number of different cars to choose from.

Length: It should take around an hour to complete the 8 tracks, more if you want to play the time trial versions with no AI racers if you want to place on the scoreboards.

Metal Eagles UC, Solar Blast, & The Finalist Demo


Paulo-Lameiras is Dreams specialist when it comes to old school 2D Pixel Art experiences and in just the last 12 months they’ve delivered both Metal Eagles Ultimate Challenge, a top down dogfighter, and Solar Blast, a sci-fi space shooter. They rounded off the year with a demo for The Finalist, a 2D action platformer.

Length: Might vary quite a bit for this collection based on your skill level. They are all relatively difficult, but altogether should take around 40 minutes to complete if treated as once package.



NoitePhobia is an atmospheric first-person horror that sees you exploring a twisted nightmare world separated by disturbing surreal art scenes. It’s very well done, managing to give me a recorded 4 legitimate spine-tingles. I’ve talked before about how VR is very transformative for Dreams Horror games, able to turn even some of the cheesier horror games in Dreams into frightening experiences.

Length: 20 minutes

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart & Gundomizer


Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is a fan made game inspired by Ratchet's newest entry on the Playstation 5 that even managed to get a head nod from Insomniac Games. It features many core Ratchet mechanics you’d expect, a boss fight, and two separate dimensions you need to switch between to complete the game. Bonus shoutout to Gundomizer, a well designed stick shooter from the same creator where you have to deal with your weapons randomly changing.

Length: 30 minutes for Ratchet. Gundomizer has very solid gameplay and is of Dreams big unrated games, if you want to play on the scoreboard this could give you many hours of entertainment.

ManChickenTurtle & 7 Collaborators


Slice is a challenging action-platformer that consists of a whopping 5 worlds, containing 25 Levels. Its core platforming gameplay is paired with an epic soundtrack, distinct art style, and gorgeous hand-painted cut-scenes, which all come together to make this one of Dreams most complete and professional packages.

Length: 30 minutes

MODI: Son of Thor


MODI: Son of Thor sees you playing as a young God tasked with saving the people of Asgard in this cinematic action adventure with combat, puzzles and platforming. Obvious inspirations from God of War in the gameplay. Once you’re done with the story mode you can also play Mists of Midgard, a wave survival combat arena expansion.

Length: The story mode took me 1 hour 30 minutes to complete and the combat expansion will probably keep you busy another 20 minutes or so.

Tales from Dark Town
DirtyFlusher & Dinox11 & FlashMedallion


Tales from Dark Town is an episodic, turn-based RPG set in the post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, ever expanding world of Dark Town. 2021 saw two new entries, Red Town and Homecoming which both contain short stories, areas to explore, and a flashy turn-based combat system reminiscent of old school Final Fantasy.

Length: The two episodes together equal around 40 minutes.

Metro Street Racer
atheistsw & animeboy & Nite-Owl69


Metro Street Racer is a collection of race tracks spread all across the United States including Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans. Great range of good looking varied tracks, some of later ones dynamically changing between laps.

Length: The 9 different tracks will take you around 30 minutes to whiz around.

Castle Dreams


Martin Nebelong is one of Dreams most well known artists. One of his most long running projects is Castle Dreams, a gorgeous-looking game inspired by Resident Evil 8 which sees you exploring a castle with an art style that looks hand painted. Still a work in progress but its well worth checking out as there's nothing quite like it.

Length: 20 minutes

Qubo’s Quest Into the Wild


Qubo’s Quest: Into the Wild is a side-scrolling platformer in a style more than a little reminiscent of LittleBigPlanet. It’s about an hour long with two worlds, and four different boss battles which eventually evolve into crazy Metal Gear Solid 4 Style Mech Fights, and a hub you can use to buy upgrades.

Length: 1 hour

The Golden Age of Madness


Wargarble is an excellent creator of many creepy critters and obscure scenes. 2021 saw the release of their first game, The Golden Age of Madness, a trippy first-person shooter with a truly unique sense of style. The shooting is mindless and gory with lots of particle effects, paired with these creepy surreal environments and characters Wargable is becoming known for..

Length: 1 hour

Into the Endless


Into the endless is a first person horde melee slasher. Think Call of Duty Zombies but with a melee focus. Dodge, block and swing your way through wave after wave of the undead, carefully weighing whether to spend your hard earned points on health, better weapons or opening up the map as you race to the top of the scoreboard. There are three different characters to choose from, all with their own stats and special ability.

Length: At least an hour to get a feel of all the characters, weapons and open up most of the map, many more hours if you want to try and place on the scoreboard.

Super Football Land
Morinkimi & BADROBO82


BadRobo82 is well known within the Dreams community for their impressive collection of graphical powerhouse graphical scenes but in 2021 they partnered with Morinkimi to create Super Football Land, an arcade football game with surprisingly deep mechanics taught with a comprehensive and engaging tutorial.This game is another complete package. There are multiple seasons to play, you can bet on matches, it has cosmetics, stat boosting, you can unlock new teams, numerous customization options such as the amount of players on the pitch, and it even has local multiplayer.

Length: Minimum of 1 hour to complete a single season, but there are multiple seasons to play and much more to do.

Monster Bash


Monster Bash is an incredibly stylish fighting game. Its title might make you think of PS2 classic War of the Monsters but the gameplay is far closer to something like an old school Tekken where all the fighting takes place on one plane. The game first launched with three different monsters to choose from each with their own moveset, specials and ending cinematic if you managed to fight through the game's story mode. Since then the creator has given the game a massive update and there are now a whopping 12 different characters to unlock.

Length: It takes 30 minutes to run through the arcade and unlock a characters ending cut scene. But with 12 characters to play as this game could keep you busy for 6 hours!



PRESSURE is a horror game inspired by the likes of Bioshock and SOMA. You explore a creepy, underwater facility ruled by killer machines which are genuinely terrifying. It’s a very ambitious game with crafting, stealth, gadgets and skill upgrades.

Length: 1 hour

Red & The Cursed Isles


Red and the Cursed Isles is staggering in terms of scale. It has platforming, combat, side quests, dungeons, boss battles, an overview world you sail around, multiple islands, taverns, shops, NPCs, a fully voiced story. It's very clear that not only a great deal of time, but a metric ton of passion has gone into this game. If you want more from Red the creator also released another 40 minute game Red and the Phantom Castle earlier in the year. It doesn't quite have the same sense of scale as the Cursed Isles but it's got all the same charm and passion.

Length: 3 hours...not including the end game content

The War to End All Wars


The War to End All Wars is a step back in time to The Battle of the Somme during World War 1. This game is very clear as you begin, this is not a shooter. In the smartly told cinematic narrative you switch between modern times exploring a war memorial and an unfortunate soldier experiencing trench warfare first hand.

Length: 20 minutes

Tron Legacy Hypercycle Arena 2


Hypercycle Arena 2 is a Tron Inspired Vehicle Combat game that sees you battling it out with other racers in this sci-fi arena and racing to your eventual escape. Switch between third and first person or really turn things up a notch if you’ve got a PSVR headset which takes this game to the next level. Now just imagine what could be once we finally get the online multiplayer update...

Length: 35 Minutes

Triangle is Sentient


Triangle Is sentient is an enigmatic puzzle platformer which reminded us a lot of the infamous Playstation Indie Game Journey. It has a super clean design and a big focus on atmosphere. The further you get the more human the environments become and the more you start to piece together the story.

Length: 1 hour

NauticalSquatch & JTBKnuggetsauce


Deadzone is another stylised first person shooter that features both a full story mode and endless horde to play with when you’re done. The story is little more than an excuse to pit you against wave after wave of creeps and monsters, and the gameplay is at its best when you’re surrounded on all sides. It's the environment design that wins the day here, the Dead Zone is a cool concept and the levels live up to its awesome name.

Length: 30 minutes for the story mode

Liminal Mystery Box
JohnnyBsicotti & MrCaseyJones


Liminal Mystery Box is super weird. An unsettling, mind bending, mystery puzzle game guaranteed to get your head scratching as you try and work on just what you need to do in order to progress. It’s a surreal experience and it sure will keep you guessing.

Length: 1 hour...if you're clever



Symphony is a charming platformer featuring an anthropomorphic xylophone on a journey to save the kingdom from an evil serpent king. Featuring quirky characters and beautiful level design, the creators boast that almost the entirety of the game has been made in Dreams from scratch. There’s great attention to detail with secret areas, boss battles, little stuff going in the background, and lots of collectibles to be found.

Length: 1 hour



Gloom: The Last Survivor is an isometric stealth survival game where you creep about an abandoned city scavenging supplies and hiding from wraiths that rely on sound to stalk their prey. Cautious players should be able to gather the supplies they need to escape the city, but one wrong move and you can find yourself cornered in a house with no escape.

Length: May vary quite wildly for this one. Can be done in 20 minutes

Dreamscape & Neon Blaster


Dakrrs35 has created two of our favourite Dreams in the last year and we couldn’t do with just including one. First off we have Dreamscape, a magical adventure with well animated cutscenes, great voice acting and unique gameplay mechanics with a tone that’s reminiscent of Spyro the Dragon. If that sort of thing is not your cup of tea, they’ve also made Neon Blaster, a retro stick shooter which first originated in Little Big Planet. This new Dreams version has multiple stages, special weapons and great gameplay mechanics. It might feel a bit sluggish when you first start but that's only only because there's a lot of scope to upgrade things like fire rate and character movement which are game changers.

Length: Dreamscape and Neon Blaster are 1 hour each.

Splatty's Adventure
RDKAtrell22 & 4 Collaborators


Splatty’s Adventure first launched in Dreams during Dream’s early access phase way back in 2019. The game has had a heck of a lot of work done to it since then and 2021 saw an overhaul of act 1, new gameplay mechanics and customization options. Slowly but surely the game has turned into a solid platformer from the beloved bygone era of the Playstation 1 and Nintendo 64.

Length: At least an hour to check out all the levels in the current build

Circular Reasoning
Computer_Cat & Nicco555


Circular Reasoning is a deep puzzle game with a clean visual aesthetic. You’re let loose in a tiny open-world. There’s no hand holding here, you’re left to figure things out for yourself completing the interconnected puzzles, sometimes changing even the seasons and time of day to eventually build your way to the top of the tower.

Length: 1 hour

Glory Arsenal


Glory Arsenal is an intense souls-like action RPG. Presentation wise it may not look like much at first but beneath some of the scruff there are some solid Dark Souls inspired mechanics on offer, including multiple weapons, secret areas and difficult, difficult challenges.

Length: 5 Hours

Into Light


Into Light a first person platforming and puzzle game designed to take advantage of the PSVR headset. Platform and puzzle your way around a vast research facility whilst enjoying the fantastic architecture and structures and get to the bottom of the mystery in this multi-hour game.

Length: Several Hours


I "signed up" to do free voice work for about five (5) separate in-progress Dreams games and not one of them ever came back to me, shame but I suppose most things get abandoned on the whole.
Is Media Molecule rumored to be working on anything new?

They confirmed continued numerous years of live service support for Dreams at the end of last year.

They are working on a new game within Dream called Tren although the scale of this is unknown, and they are working on multiplayer which is the community’s most requested feature

Nothing else is rumoured - but if I were a betting man I’d say they are probably working on a game made in Dreams for PSVR2
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I'm impressed with Trip's Voyage and the Idyllium Museum. We are starting to see a few games reach the level of some indie games now.

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