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Hideo Kojima breaks silence on ‘Abandoned’ conspiracies: ‘It’s really quite a nuisance’


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Hideo Kojima has spoken openly for the first time about the controversial indie title Abandoned and the theory that he is involved in some way.

Speaking on his Spotify podcast, Brain Structure, as part of a new episode featuring Geoff Keighley during which the pair talked about gaming rumours, the Death Stranding director addressed the speculation that he was involved with Abandoned, a horror game from developer Blue Box Studios.

“Users just kept sending me pictures of this ‘Hasan’,” Kojima said told Keighley. “They still send me collages and deep fake images, like twenty a day, it’s really quite a nuisance. [laughs]”

Aside from a brief teaser, virtually nothing from the game has been shown of Abandoned. Despite repeated delays, a playable prologue, which Hasan claimed “will fund” the final game, has yet to materialize.


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Still going through this?

# of people I've seen fall for this is nuts.
This is starting to become ridiculous
Even though he's been a prankster before
All of this hubub over no tangible proof
Makes me feel like we've got a ways to go
Realizing you're wrong is healthy
Evidence is lacking, even after all this time
And now the real Silent Hill has come back
Let's just pack it up, guys.
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