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How are you tracking your gaming list, watchlist, and other gaming-related news, info, etc?


I use Steam/GoG Wishlist anytime something interests me - and I don’t want to forget it.

I’ve got over 300 games on it, and then damn thing never seems to shrink.

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Working through my backlog on PC, PS5, and Switch! So many great games to play, and I won't need to buy new ones for a while. Being patient and waiting for truly exceptional deals before grabbing anything new. Except, maybe, for a massive release like GTA6...


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You will all thank me (or not who knows) later :messenger_winking:
Easy to use/track/plan.

Oh yeah and this is from their roadmap (realising this was one of the main points of R randomlock ) :

Mobile App - Android​

Backloggd gone mobile! This would be a release of an Android version of Backloggd.

Mobile App - iOS​

Backloggd gone mobile! This would be a release of an iOS version of Backloggd.
This looks really good, sort of what I was thinking. I'll sign up and have a play about with it.
Check game details, HLTB stats, Opencritic/Metacritic reviews, user reviews
This is probably something I could use. I look up hltb stats usually via a trophy guides given time. But combining that with scores is something currently is not so easily done. I can get these infos on new entries and leaving games for plus on a youtube channel that recently started but that is in videoform, were I can't mark the games, that I wanna check out some time later. I guess I could wishlist everything but that would clutter that list, while I want to use that for games I really really don't want to miss, potentially buy and not just play/rent via a sub.

Not desperately missing this, but could be useful if easy. If psnprofiles, pstrophies, powerpyx etc and or open/metacritic would be clever they would all expand the capabilities of their websites to include some more features and infos, making them maybe convoluted for others, but that might also need some cooperation between competitors so maybe another site/app is actually needed that is just linking to the juicy bits of each individual site.


add to wishlist.

wait for release or sale, decide on the moment if I'm interested.

as far as tracking backlog, i gave up on all that ages ago, i just play whatever I've bought recently otherwise I'll keep myself busy with other pastimes and hobbies. gaming is 'meant to be' fun, don't put so much pressure on yourself to do anything, enjoy it as it comes.
I don't track anything besides some wishlist things on steam. I love gaming but there are far more important things that do need tracking. Anything gaming related turns up on GAF so that's enough.
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Based on the current replies, I see many of us do keep some form of a list (mainly the wishlist) in different ways (note apps, different sites, spreadsheets, etc.). Some of you find it a chore to maintain it, but I love maintaining the list. I have only done this for anime because MyAnimeList has excellent support and a user interface for maintaining it, not for any other medium like movies, games, etc.

I like to think of this app as more than just a wishlist tracker but as a way to do a lot of cool stuff and be presented in a mobile-friendly way. With advancements in machine learning and the data we will have, we could do a lot of things like:
  • Game Recommendation Engine: This is something that could be a great feature, analyzing a user's gaming history, preferences, score, genres, themes and behavior to provide personalized game recommendations. We could also do stuff like predicting what score you'll give to a game before starting, or how likely you are to drop a particular game.
  • Alerts/Notifications and Triggers: We could add alerts and notifications for different events. For example, if a game's price drops by X% on Y site, notify me or suggest the store with the lowest price or fastest shipping. Or if there's any new news related to it from X developer or Y publisher or Z game, just send a notification to my app.
  • Community Engagement: This could be useful in forums like NeoGAF where people ask for recommendations on what to play, and others can suggest based on the list. Users could also follow other people and check their lists.
These are just a few of the things I can think of, but I believe we can build a lot of cool features by taking feedback from the NeoGAF gaming community. Keeping the application open-source would also encourage others to contribute to it and provide the feedback.

That's a pretty cool idea. I'd use it to check out new stuff, just thinking about an IMDB-esque site for games makes me curious.

However if it's free, opensource and ad-free how is it supposed to get the resources needed to run? That stuff gets expensive fast.
Agreed on the infrastructure cost. We could have a lite version of the app where most of the resources like databases, and files are saved in the user's phone instead of sending it to the cloud. A lot of ML tools like Google ML kit is also free of use if the computation is done at client's end.


Deku Deals does everything I want it to.

Can add to watch list as soon as a game is announced, see the full sale history, can set custom notifications for sales (you set your own cost threshold for alerts), links to Metacritic for every game (shows you the critic and user score without having to leave the website), description of every game, videos, screenshots, links to all DLCs. You can set which platforms you want to see, and on a case by case basis whether you want to see physical, digital or both.

Never heard of it, but sounds like a useful site.
I just have a checklist app on my phone. I only keep one for movies because I'm a massive movie nerd.

Games...I buy pretty few and tend to replay them a lot so there's not much to keep track of.


Steam wish list.
And I'll avoid gameplay trailers, in deoth interviews etc for games I really want.
For example, I didn't watch any of the new Judas footage, and won't see anything of that game before playing it on launch.

I usually don't read/watch any reviews either. (For games I know I'll play)


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Not enough I'm interested in going on to have to track anything this isn't 1998 or even 2007

I do a 30 min google search on everything gaming related I care about like every four months that about covers it


This might sound ridiculous on first read, but as long as you are aware that you limit yourself, it's fine.

The issue happens the minute people here claim 'there's nothing out there to play' while at the same time they are placing the same limiter on themselves. At this point in life there are so many, many video games out there that everyone can make their own fun and live a full life still not being able to enjoy everything they want to.

I recently came to terms with this and had to slow down with my purchasing habits.
it what percentage of those game are garbage that you would feel like you're wasting your life playing them?
Your question feels like a trick question, but I'll answer earnestly.
what percentage of those game are garbage that you would feel like you're wasting your life playing them?
Cumulatively? Very low to where it's probably a single digit percentage.

Most of the games I've played in the past that happened to be garbage came directly from the PS1/PS2 generations when I was a kid, where I rented and borrowed games and didn't know any better. I played a few stinkers on gameboy advance and PSP as well. I've experienced the good and bad of those generations which is why I don't put them on as high of a pedestal as others here.

I've seen quite a few games here that some people claim to be garbage, that are average or above average at worst. Their tastes are so ridiculously high that they have lost sense of what a bad video game actually is. All they would need to do to get a refresher is to play something back then from companies like LJN, or Acclaim, 989 Studios, etc. to understand.

Even from saying all of this, I am understanding of the fact that the consoles I listed above have a ton of classic and amazing games, the same way I'm aware that in modern times we have had multiple gems that will be celebrated years from now. For some reason a lot of people lost sight of the simple and fun nature of what video games are as they chase the constant AAA high, and in doing so they have lost sight of the smaller guys with great ideas who put good content out quite regularly.

For some unexplained reason, just like Hollywood, people will give all of their attention and energy towards everything big budget and blockbuster, then ignore those smaller guys who make successful or well rated films at a place like A24...at least until their name becomes large enough to not be ignored anymore. It's interesting how things play out.


Never thought to use something for my backlog and play order. Definitely gonna look into this. I've just been using my brain, which explains how fucked up my backlog is 😂


I have a note on my notes app called “shit to play” so if anyone mentions anything anywhere or I read about it here I’ll generally quickly open the app and type in a new line


Steam already does absolutely all of this for me, I don't need anything else really.

Time tracking / activity, and completion list:

Wishlist :

It's kind of funny because I often see people "but why do you want all your games on steam, it doesn't matter if it's an another launcher, that's just another .exe to launch on the desktop!", well, here's one example of why it's pretty great to have everything centered in the same place.


Some of my friends are using Excel spreadsheets to control their libaries and backlogs. I don't, if I have the urge to play something from my library I play it. I use psprices and xbdeals for the wishlists, though. Much easier than to manually browse whether a game I'm interested in is on sale.
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I don't really track the games i'm interested in by release date anymore, i just wait until afterwards to actually see what they are like and the performance on PC, it's not like it use to be 10 or more years ago where i would pre order and be constantly looking forward to the release date and time, much more laid back attitude nowadays.


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Excel spreadsheet with year, genre, Opencritic score, HLTB value.

That doesn't mean I only play stuff that's 90+ on MC/OC, but I try to make sure I play most things that are.
- backloggery.com for games (new games are wishlisted on PS store)
- mymovies App for movies (new movies are wishlisted on Amazon Prime)
- Reading List App for books (new books are wishlisted on Amazon)

I’m somewhat of a nerd when it comes to tracking stuff. My backloggery is super detailed. If that site disappears one day I’ll have lost countless hours of my life, lol.

PS: Yes, I also write a diary about my life once a week.


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Just play play whatever I want to play right now and wishlist the rest?

Why turn something so simple into a convoluted process?
Why can't you guys just be normal? :pie_roffles:
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I allow myself to forget things. It’s great. I buy whatever looks good at the time and move forward. I won’t play half the stuff anyway. I work too much to care. That’s not great.
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