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Luigi's Mansion 3 has officially sold over 10 million units worldwide.


Sold 10m on 1 platform yet a game like Dark Souls 3 apparently being MORE popular took like 5 platforms to achieve the same goal...
I'm pretty sure Souls franchise is more niche than popular.
The fact it sells around 2-3 million per platform tells you a lot.
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Switch is really doing wonders for Nintendo's IPs.

I hope Metroid Dread is next. Metroid is such an underrated franchise
Bought the switch to play with girlfriend, it is the first Nintendo console for me, man finally I can play Bayonetta 2 and all the Nintendo's IP are fun as hell, so far I played Wario, Odyssey and Pikmin.


It is probably my favorite Mario spin off series. Also its incredible how good this game actually look. Its one of the few games where it could legit pass as a PS4/Xbone title at certain points
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