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MAGES (Steins;Gate) latest financial results shows an ordinary loss of 556 million yen, increasing their deficit


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Google Translate of the news

MAGES.'s financial results for the fiscal year ending September 2022 are sales of 4,225 million yen (down 7.1% year-on-year) and ordinary loss of 556 million yen (152 million yen). , The final loss was 613 million yen (307 million yen in the same period), resulting in a decrease in sales and an increase in the deficit. It is over-indebted.

・Sales: 4,225 million yen (down 7.1% year on year)
・Ordinary loss: 556 million yen (152 million yen)
・ Final loss: 613 million yen (307 million yen for the same period)

The company is a 100% subsidiary of COLOPL, and in addition to the game business, it also operates a video and music business, talent management business, and program production business.

In addition to original works such as the Science Adventure series and the Memories Off series, we are also making games based on anime, light novels, and comics.

During this period, we released "Alice Gear Aegis CS", "ANONYMOUS;CODE", and "Movie 'The Quintessential Quintuplets' ~Five Memories of Spending Time with You~".



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this is why nobody cares about japanese devs

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Interesting follow up to this:


Sounds like he is or at least wants to stay with the company in a creative only role, so this may ultimately be a positive thing.

That happens to them for not bringing their games with English subtitles.

They should have localized the video game tsugi no giseisha o oshirase shimasu to Western.

Although I would be the only continent person who would buy it xD. :messenger_tears_of_joy::messenger_tears_of_joy:
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