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Marvel Studios Begins Production on Black Panther

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If Ike has his say you'd have to get a ticket for each dish though
At this rate they're gonna have every remaining Black actor in Black Panther 2. It's a shame Denzel isn't a bit younger, he'd have made the perfect Blue Marvel.


What are the chances Chris Evans appears in a little cameo or something? Like have T'Challa decide to check in on what's happening with Bucky and Rogers is there.


Does Black Panther have the same love interest in the comics? Sort of like someone he's always been traditionally paired with?


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Filming is taking place in Busan, South Korea.

Marvel’s “Black Panther” will use South Korea’s port city, Busan as the backdrop for a huge chase scene. The city, known for hosting Asia’s biggest film festival, will see its landmarks including the Gwangalli beach, Gwangan Bridge, and the Jagalchi fish market near Nampodong, used in the movie.

“The shoot, which will involve some 150 cars and more than 700 people, is a car chase scene with the protagonist and the villain,” said local production service company Mr. Romance Film. “It will also involve helicopter(s) and guns (firing blanks) and may cause noise as well as traffic restrictions.”

“Last November, the city invited Darrin Prescott, the film’s second unit director, to pitch Busan as the film’s potential shooting location,” said the Busan Film Commission in a statement.
Wonder if they will show more of Korea this time. I know they made a big deal about it last time but ended up being mostly not many recognizable places outside the MBC entrance and the river.

Also good idea for a filming location, will probably grander more interest in Korea/China because of it. Avengers merch blew up when they shot in Seoul.
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