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MLiD interview: Call of Duty Visual FX, PS5 Specs, Install Sizes | Sony Santa Monica VFX Artist


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Chris Rey is a VFX Artist currently working on the new God of War, & previously worked on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. He makes explosions, Zombie lasers, and Norse spells look cool! We discuss the organization of PlayStation Studios, Activision, & the hardware behind special effects.
0:00 What made Chris Reach out?
What does a VFX Artist do for Call of Duty Cold War?
9:52 Between various FX – what taxes gaming hardware the most?
12:07 Why don't more Developers go on the Record?
14:58 Jason Schreier’s Reporting on PlayStation Studios, How Sony manages their devs
24:19 How much do COD Studios share tech? How much do PlayStation studios share?
27:06 Does making a gen Crossgen hold back the next gen version?
34:42 Optimizing for AMD & NVIDIA Graphics vs PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X
38:35 What specs would you improve on the PS5? Would more actually RAM improve graphics?
44:07 What effects need more work by devs? Why does smoke look worse than Fire?
50:48 Does hardware ever limit art direction? 57:16 Why do so many games get delayed?
1:00:07 How did the COVID Shutdown affect Game Development?
1:08:26 Xbox vs PlayStation marketing - how soon should companies reveal games?
1:17:13 Differences between Call of Duty & God of War development...and fans.
1:27:35 Why is Warzone's install size so large?! Did Activision expect it to be this successful?
1:34:51 Is there a way to stop Multiplayer Hackers? Does Activision have vulnerabilities?
1:39:46 Why don't more console games support Keyboard & Mouse?
1:48:52 How do devs adjust settings for MP Completion? Why isn't DX12 the standard?
1:59:51 Difference between doing VFX for movies vs. games
2:05:57 Advice for people looking to get into game development
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