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[Jez Corden] If Microsoft really IS bringing Steam, Epic Game Store, etc. to Xbox consoles, it needs to answer these big questions


Based on recent rumors (Surface team involved). It's Safe to assume the next Xbox hardware will just be a PC. No custom bespoke hardware, just a PC in a Box.


Do you think the success of the Steam Deck running Proton was the first blow against Windows' reign in PC gaming and now MS is trying to regroup to fight in a single front?

The long con there comes together when ARM translation matures. As of now, the steamos general distro could come out and it wouldn't be anything for ms to worry about. But once you don't need either windows or x86 to do "pc gaming", it's on like donkey kong.


Why would developers still support Xbox Store versions to sit side-by-side with Steam?
Huh, i actually did not think about that. I guess for the people that don't want to mess with a new store and are used to Xbox store? Ehhh i don't know.
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