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PSA. LG C2 OLED 42inch $799 At Amazon, Best Buy, Costco


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Worthy of its own thread for such a great deal on a great tv for gaming. It has all the gaming bells and whistles. ALLM, VRR, 120hz, HDMI 2.1 etc. Perfect blacks and instant response times. I swear I don't work for LG but I love OLED tv's. "Game Changing" as they say. If you have a Costco membership, I'd get it from there. You got an extended warranty included.

Edit: with Amazon you can also get 10 percent cash back on their credit cards.


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oh fuck man, I almost pulled the trigger on Black Friday. Now I'm shook af. I hate not having any info on C3's and next years tech improvements overall. Maybe they won't be that big.
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advanced basic bitch
oh fuck man, I almost pulled the trigger on Black Friday. Now I'm shook af. I hate not having any info on C3's and next years tech improvements overall. Maybe they won't be that big.
There will always be something better coming along. Got to pull the trigger sometime. I get you though. I think the 3 will be an incremental upgrade.


I use a 48 inch aorus OLED monitor which basically is a C1 panel with DP (and without smart tv features).

I can't go back to LCD monitors after it, to anyone wondering this 42 inch tv is 100% the best you can get at this price as a monitor.


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Or get a floor stand. I have a C1 48” on a stand behind my desk, it’s one hell of a gaming monitor (wouldn’t want to use it for productivity though)
That works well too. Especially if you have a room dedicated to gaming or office and the desk is more center in the room.

Giallo Corsa

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Meanwhile, in Euroland, the 42" is still 990€ - same price as the 48" basically and...it sucks since I'm about to pull the trigger on an OLED but the small price difference is making it really, really tough for me to decide, I mean, shit, I might as well spend 200€ more and get the 55" C2 ffs...

Now, while size does matter, it's not like the 55" one would make the best tv monitor since A) there's always the limited space on a desk to take into consideration and B) neck and eye strain are a real thing (70cm depth desk, I could always try and sit at about 1.6 meters away from the desk for my console gaming)

The good thing about the C2 IMO is that it's as future proof as it gets, I mean, 4 HDMI 2.1 full speed (48Gbps) inputs, and besides the now obvious/expected VRR, 120Hz panel , Dolby vision etc etc, it's one of the very few TVs in the market that can actually support 4K@120Hz+ Dolby vision at the same time, what really sucks on the other hand , is the fact that the 42" and 48" are kinda gimped since they have a lower brightness (C1 levels almost) compared to the 55" one and above and for me personally, this is a big con since... OCD too strong, said it in another thread the other day but I just can't justify paying a premium (even more so for the smaller inch ones) to have a touted feature (Evo panel's higher brightness) gimped.

I've been trying to decide for 4 days now and I still can't pull the damned trigger !
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My KS8000 is still good. I just have to turn it on for about an hour and a half to warm it up enough for the purple lines to go away, then it works just fine!


Are you seriously implying that this is small size?

You do realize everyone and their environment is different? And quality matters more than size, good lord.

Yeah, people game differently.

Some traditionally post up on a couch/bed in front of a 60”, while others rather a 42” monitor/game-chair setup.
It really all depends on the user.

Either way, good looking OP 👍

I’ll swoop in and snag this for my office.
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I use a 48” cx as my main monitor. I’d actually prefer a 42 for my main screen for non gaming usage. Tempting. I love oled. I also have a 55” Sony oled in my bedroom. Some day I’ll pick up a 77” for my living room. I just don’t watch tv or game much in that room.
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Dont buy TVs that small. 55 minimum. 65 recommended.

Size matters more than quality.
Wrong. My aunt owns a garbage 77 inch tv. I have a Panasonic plasma 65 inch vt series. Her tv is a decade newer and bigger but mine is still far better than her tv. The e colors, blacks and refresh rate DEMOLISH hers.


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Yea 42” is just too big for a desk setup imo


I got a good deal on a 42" 4K monitor years ago but I regretted the purchase after only a couple of days and sent it back. It sucked for productivity because I'm sitting close to the screen and I really disliked how I couldn't comfortably read text in all corners of the screen because it was just so damn big. I constantly had to crane my neck to read text in the upper corners. I'm using my PC primarily for productivity and 32" is perfect for me, 42" was just too large.


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Buydig via eBay has this on sale today for $699 with coupon JOLLY15

Free shipping, authorized dealer for warranty, etc
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