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Resident Evil 8: Village |OT| Dat Atmosphere is THICC

It is my duty to always share my thoughts on Resident Evil games :messenger_smirking:

I am not a fan of first person, not just in this series, but, in general. I was disappointed when they decided to opt out of third person for RE7 and then continue it for 8. It does bring in your face scares, but, third person is just more enjoyable for me. Having said that, I actually like both RE7 and RE8 in general (RE8 more than RE7). Ethan, though, is just not a great character. I just can't bring myself to give a damn about him or having sympathy for his life story. He isn't anyone I even remember when thinking of Resident Evil. There is just no connection there at all for me. Chris, Jill, Claire, Leon, Ada., Wesker....these are some of the characters that will stay with us forever.

I really liked the Lady D character and how they kinda had her as this game's Nemesis. House Beneviento was one of my favorite sections of the game, great scare factor all around, really enjoyed shitting my pants for a while here.

I am a big fan of vampires (not the shining Twilight kind), I like werewolves, that kind of thing, so, I do appreciate the fact the RE games took a chance and have been trying different things, but, at the same time, if it wasn't for the returning classic Resident Evil characters, it would just be an action game with some horror that had the Resident Evil name slapped on it.

I really hope future games revert back to third person and get back to their roots. I get it, the first bunch of games were 'the same old thing', but, honestly....they are forever classics for a reason, no one cares that you had to do similar puzzles or dash around the same old zombies, hunters or run from zombie dogs. The stories were great, the locations and atmosphere fit the games, the characters were memorable, even if we hated them (looking at you, Steve Burnside)....it's become such a different series, and I would like to hope they've 'had their fun' and go back to the old ways, but, I think first person is going to be the future of all RE games.

Not a terrible game by any means for me, I had fun playing it, the games in general are just running so far away from what the series originally was.



lol why he moving like this for?



I actually posted a thread where I knocked the game for being too generic but I gave it another hour and holy shit I beat it and it’s probably one of all time favorites.

Facts. Thats why I tell people to finish and then tell us what they think.

Its one of the better RE's and does the classic formula justice.
It progressively gets better.

When i first started it, I could say mid way it was already in my top 5 favorite, by the time I was done with the game, in my top 3 in the RE series.

I like how the story connects to RE7, I love the gameplay in terms of the puzzles, weapon upgrades, finding keys, back tracking to open up new areas, love the boss fights and the mix of memorable characters and I even like how Capcom wasn't afraid to laugh at themselves with the whole punching boulders joke during the Heisenberg fight lol

I also love how it connects to the very original umbrella founder

Twas a fun game to replay, great story by itself, better story when factored with RE7
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