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Rumbleverse launching on August 11th 2022 (F2P) - PS4, PS5, XB1, XBSX/S, EGS


I don't know if any of you checked out the playtests that were going on, but the game is some dumb fun IMO. Basically a wrestling/fighting BR with a surprising amount of depth in the combat mechanics. Easy to play, harder to master. I'd recommend checking it out if you dig BRs, and if you're a fan of wrestling and/or fighters.

Not the biggest fan of THESE kind of trailers, but here's their launch date trailer and some details.

"As you can see, we’ve been having fun in recent network tests. If you showed up to play, you’ve helped us calibrate the cannon on the Battle Barge. The Rumble is good to go, so we’ve decided that we don’t even need Early Access. On Launch Day, the game will be free to all – and available to anyone with the strength to download it. Duos will be live, so tag in a friend to watch your back. We know you’ve been eager to team up!

Season One for Rumbleverse will begin one week after launch. There will be a Battle Pass to equip the hardcore Rumbler with an additional path to earn rewards for their Locker Room. You’ll have a few days to settle into your new home in Grapital City and land a few punches to get ready.

The wait is almost over! Thank you for coming along on this journey with us, so far. We can’t wait to see you officially begin your career as a Rumbler. In the weeks to come, we’ll have more announcements about some of the gear you can buy to start your collection. As always, watch this space for updates, or follow any of those social media channels linked above."

Read more about it here:

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I played the alpha tests. It's a good game that deserves more attention. The combat system is simple but hard to master. It's good dumb fun with friends.

It's also a breath of fresh year with all the multiplayer shooters out there.
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