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Rumor: Rockstar is working on a remaster of all three classic Grand Theft Auto games


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I wonder if its a ”remaster” or ”remaster”.

I’d rather have a remake, sounds wierd to have a partial remaster. Inconsistencies in graphics might look worse than simply keeping it as is.

If it exists, it's a remaster. I always say this, the amount of work needed to remake all 3 games to modern standards would be ludicrous.

People are in for a rude awakening when they realise how archaic the gameplay is now, holding R1 and Circle to target and shoot. I already replay 'em on PC so I'd love some versions that don't require weird tweaking to make work properly.
not my three classics



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Games were actually good and interesting back in 2001. Now they're mostly corporate trash, especially AAA titles. So a 2001 remastered game most of the time will beat a brand new 2021 game. I'm almost afraid to see if they end up ruining GTA 6. The storyline will probably be a lecture about how you're a shitty person for playing it along with Fortnite style graphics and a zoomer pop and EDM soundtrack... along with a battle royale multiplayer mode where all of the effort is put into.
The OST in VC and SA is making these games Tripple A Titels for me 🤣


I wanna be skeptical, but it is Wario64 tweeting, so there might be some real truth here.

Oy, GTA IV still looks damn good as is. What more could you want?

I dunno, something that doesn't have a chugging frame rate on console and better image quality lol.

They've re-released the rest of em, might aswell do IV aswell.

Mr Hyde

I wouldn't mind playing San Andreas again, it was like 15 years ago since I last played it, but GTA 3 and Vice City feels outdated and just plain bad by the series standard. I would prefer if Rockstar remastered GTA 4 instead. Or hurry up with 6.
"The titles to expected to be launched as one package which will be digital-only"

What a fucking disappointment.


Why is this refered to as 'remasters' when those games are clearly remade using a new engine with gameplay improvements?


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A GTA on Nintendo? It must be a historic day in the video game industry ... You have to skip the Nintendo Ds game.

A want a Max payne trilogy in Nintendo switch


A little confused how this can be labeled a 'remaster' when they are using an entirely new engine. They must be going out of their way to mimic the old trilogy... hopefully the update the shitty controls.
Probably for the best, these games were built on an old obsolete engine that broke the physics if the framerate went too fast.


"The titles to expected to be launched as one package which will be digital-only"

What a fucking disappointment.
Hope it’s not true. Seems low-effort...

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Has Rockstar ever released a remaster? Not to my knowledge. I know they’ve released games across multiple systems (GTA5) but this seems like an unusual move for them.

Perhaps they realized they could put minimal effort into a simple repackage and make some money? That would not line up with their actions in the past. They aren’t shameless like Nintendo with low-effort money grabs.

And since most of the money from GTA5 has come from online, this is doubly a head scratcher.

Plus, fucking KOTAKU.

I’m gonna say “bullshit” for now.
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It’s been heavily rumored that Rockstar is currently working on a remastered trilogy for the PS2 era Grand Theft Auto games which include Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Reports surrounding the remasters have been backed by credible sources and industry insiders alike, giving some amount of legitimacy to the entire affair.

Naturally, fans are beyond excited to jump back into these genre-defining games of a generation gone by. The games present in the trilogy are all more than a decade old, and haven’t particularly aged well in a number of aspects. According to rumors, Rockstar seems to be putting a lot of work into making these titles appeal to a modern audience - such as switching the games over to Unreal Engine. Of course, there’s a lot more to a remaster than just a visual overhaul. Here are 14 of the biggest issues that Rockstar needs to iron out in this rumored trilogy of remasters.


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UE is very scalable, so I'm not surprised they're using this engine.

I'm just seeing this news for the 1st time. And I gotta say..................I may play all three again from scratch if they are real remakes (i.e. Shadow of the Colossus).


I hope they modernize the controls, aside from that I hope they don’t butcher the radio stations.
That's always a possibility. Just look at the Sega/Crazy Taxi fiasco with The Offspring. Completely different situation, I know, but licensing issues are always a landmine when re-releases and soundtracks are concerned.


If they follow the current no original ideas trend in entertainment, wonder if they are just going to switch colors of people and sexes?


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How convenient
The saga continues for the GTA III and Vice City code that was reverse engineered and available on GitHub, as it has now been taken down once again from a DMCA request.

For the second time the code repository on GitHub is no more, with it linking to the public DMCA notice that shows Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP acting for Take-Two Interactive Software. It requested a take down of all repositories (including forks) of the code and brings up the recent lawsuit filed against the developers involved in the code.

It's not exactly unexpected of course. They took it down once, counter-claims were filed to bring them back up and now with the lawsuit in progress it was only a matter of time until they vanished once again.


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That hints that they've been done In Unreal engine, and not RAGE. This would indicate they've been completely out-sourced, as a third party would likely use an engine they're familiar with, as opposed to Rockstar's proprietary tech. Curious; perhaps this really is more than an up-rez for modern consoles.


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A San Andreas remake could seriously be a best game ever candidate
With all the licensed music and n words they remove?

I am still mad they ruined GTA IV by removing all the iconic tracks and then added rshit launcher requirement on steam... To my old purchase.
Rockstar is dead to me.
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