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Sega's new Crazy Taxi game "AAA" in scope


The upcoming return of Crazy Taxi will be a "AAA" game, Sega has said.

Sega first announced it was making a long-awaited new Crazy Taxi title in December last year, as part of a new wave of entries in many of its classic series.

Now, a Japan Times interview has shed more light on its scope, and revealed it is being worked on in part by Sega's relatively new Sapporo Studio, which was founded in the capital of Japan's Hokkaido prefecture in December 2021.
It sounds like Sapporo Studio is only contributing to the game, however, as the company isn't currently developing any project independently

"The studio has an R&D department that handles designing and programming games and a QA department in charge of quality control," Sega Sapporo studio boss Takaya Segawa said. "Recruitment in R&D is progressing as expected, but for QA we received more applications than anticipated, so a second branch of Sapporo Studio opened in April 2023."
Back in December, Sega said its new Crazy Taxi will offer "innovative and fresh style driving action" that will evoke a "cheerful feeling of freedom" mixed with the "fusion of nature and city".

Wrote Sega: "Peel out the new stage of Crazy City!"


Wait, what, it why? There is no reason for it to be AAA game, nobody asked for that.

If SEGA is doing this it’s just as dumb as trying to make that GaaS game they cancelled even before release.

Like what would be the sales expectations? Unless they went full on GTA or some shit, this makes 0 sense.
This is not getting a positive reaction out of me...
This is like a manager of a punk band going "The Bearded Lolipops will be playing Madison Square Garden next month".

There are games that work and appeal better the more creative and simple they are.

Just... Make a good, replayable, addicting arcadey fun game.

This obsession with the letter "A" and how many times you spell it. I wish it would stop.


Crazy people do have a story, but not sure about taxi drivers, looks shallow to me, unless they put some crazy physics like burnout paradise.


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Sega I love you. We go back to the master system days respect and all but.

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At best this game is second party development mid budget for programming.
If you do it yourself. Okay. But not AAA
High for the soundtrack. We better get offspring. Actually maybe the soundtrack is AAA

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The interview was with Tomoaki Takayanagi the studio director of the newly formed Sega Sapporo studio. He doesn't outright call Crazy Taxi AAA, he said “We are also participating in the development of Triple-A titles, including Crazy Taxi." Which for whatever reason Eurogamer omitted from their article, probably because its semantics are up for debate.

The article then follows on to quote Takayanagi with:

“At present, we don’t have any titles developed independently by the studio, but we intend to do so in the future.”


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Im a huge segaboy, but even i cannot pretend Sega AAA is the equivalent of any other publisher (except Techland) AA.


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
There's 0 new information about its scope or whatever in the quoted text, stfu.


I look at crazy taxi I see a Quarter thief, not a AAA game. I don't know how you make a AAA crazy taxi, maybe some one at SEGA does.


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That's either a lie for marketing purposes or it's going to loose a lot of money.
There might be a market for some AA $40 crazy taxi, but not for a $70 game with a 100+ million dollar development cost


Making a AAA game out of this is going to be hard. I’d have been fine with a AA game but I’m still interested in it.


That's either a lie for marketing purposes or it's going to loose a lot of money.
There might be a market for some AA $40 crazy taxi, but not for a $70 game with a 100+ million dollar development cost
Yep. As much as I loved it 25 years ago, its not something I “NEED” to ever play again

Give me the old soundtrack. Modernized a bit. Fun new challenges (ala Crazy Taxi 2). AA development cost. $40. I’ll try it out. Maybe


Just try not to overspend on it so that the game receives no post release support. I think this one stands a chance of being a really fun multi-player while also being loose and approachable. I hope it turns out good.


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I hope they confident on this game's sale.....even the game end up being good I'm not it has mass appeal that would sale high numbers....

Just throwing money at it, it wouldn't make the game better.
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