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Site Update - Game Console Mentions


I'm gonna be the negative Nancy here, but I don't like this.

We're writing news, reactions and opinions, we're not wikipedia articles. I really don't need an access to the year of release of the PS4 everytime it is mentioned. It's distracting and makes posts using them look like PR pieces for manufacturers. Makes things harder to read and points harder to make.

Like a bad comic book that highlights random words all over the place. I can't stand that shit.
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Love this. Awesome update!

Any chance the images are of higher res? Only because when I zoom in they're very blurry. Would be awesome if possible.

If not it's still ok :)

Dirk Benedict

Gold Member
The warriors are already like...

I want to come out of retirement, but the bans aren't worth it.

Also, this a fantastic update. I just got a notice about it and came to see what was up.
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All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
What about the first console, the @Fairchild Channel F?


Edit: It seems I mixed up the Channel F with the @Magnavox Odyssey.
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