Square Enix Announces Declining Financial Results; Planning Multiple New Games Including New IP


I do think SE should focus on quality instead of pushing so many games to the market! Still, FF16 will be huge and looks bonkers!

Precisely this.

Games like Diofield Chronicles, Octopath Traveller 2 and the minor remasters like Tactics Ogre and Pixel Remaster I'm all for.

But could have cut Babylons Fall and Valkrie and put budget into making Stranger of Paradise a more polished game that would have sold more.

They wanted to give Star Ocean another go but if they actually wanted to make some money, why not reboot it and give the art direction a new look, perhaps more akin to Tales of Arise? The series is too niche for a new numbered entry to sell well.

Forspoken, should have seen Luminous was a studio that struggled with FFXV and canned that. Could have spread out the development resources and budget from that towards the real money makes, FFXIV, FFXVI, FFVIIR, DQXII, KH4, NieR etc....

I can look at their games portfolio and from a mile off see which ones will be trash, mixed or good, so I'm not sure why their decision makers cant. 🤷‍♂️
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Just merge with Sony. Let Playstation Studios control quality take over and they will be reverting this situation really quick.

Square Enix has lost most of its talent over the years. They basically handed the keys to Tetsuya Nomura and he has driven the company right off the cliff.

The only way I'd have any interest in Square Enix is if they were able to attract some of the key talent back that has largely gone independent. You'd be better off buying those studios and recruiting that talent than somehow spending billions on Square Enix.


Ask Sega about that whether MS is willing to give them a lot of money or not.

Also Xbox money would have given them extra revenue, compared to not putting games there which they won't see any money.
Yeah because they are churning out massive hits with all that money.

The problems ms has can't be solved with money, just like the problems with se can't be solved with money.


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No one to blame but themselves. Like unloading their push into Western video game IP's was a good idea I think; it is their management of their own cultural powerhouses (FF and DQ) and other franchises fans have been clamoring for (VP) that just raises all kinds of eyebrows. SOP:FOO is an excellent example of SE kind of understanding what fans want. . .and just doing the absolutely bare minimum that is required to push product out.

. . .but maybe this is a long time coming. I remember when SPIRITS WITHIN came out and thinking to myself "What the hell were they thinking with this?"


1. SE physical/digital game sales is not going to be high on xbox.
2. Microsoft very unlikely to spend alot of money to bring SE games into gamepass.
If there is no value in releasing the big franchise games on Xbox, why do you think they released crisis core on the Xbox store?


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More new IPs are always nice, hopefully they’ll turn out better than their most recent attempts though.


And I bought a handful of their games last year and was happy mostly. Except star ocean. Why can it star ocean and stay on one planet...... loved valkyrie though
I'm order to be "profitable" for the year they had to sell Crystal Dynamics and Eidos. That is really a bad year. But honestly they didn't do much in the way of releases. They certainly had no "must own" games in the last year. Hopefully Final Fantasy XVI changes that.
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Apparently, Sony's money didn't help them much.

Next time Square needs to ask for more money from Sony.
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Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Besides Harvestella, all of their games release in the last 12 month have been very poorly received.

Their quantity of output is great, but the quality has been mostly terrible.


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There's nobody that looked at those Star Ocean characters and said "Fuck yea, Raymond looks fucking AWESOME". He looks like somebody designed in a 3D modeling class in high school.

Granted, SO6 wasn't a major release, but when you just don't give a shit enough to make an attractive product, how can you expect to make decent money off of it? Even if the gameplay was tight as fuck (which I heard SO6 had pretty good gameplay), most people are going to look at media and reviews, see those ugly uncanny valley protags, and just assume the game is shit.
Look at those milkers and say that again



Square is full of clowns.They talk about not making money in Japan while not launching their games on Japan most popular system switch.
I think there is a platform called Xbox. But it seems square doesn't like them.
I don’t think it’s necessarily about SE not liking the XBOX, but they know their games just don’t sell well on there as with many, if not all Japanese games. That’s one way Sony can get away with so many exclusives from SE.
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Considering their big guns like FFXVI, FF7 Rebirth, DQ12 are not ready, they gave up on their western branch and they released a series of forgettable low budget games, 2022 was bound to be a poor transition year for them.
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I actually appreciate that Square released a ton of AA type games last year. Some of them like Triangle Strategy and Tactics Ogre were very good quality as well. Diofield and Harvestella look interesting but reviews were mixed. Star Ocean looks like low budget jank, but some seem to really enjoy it.

This year doesn't seem to be starting off great either with Forspoken. Unlike the many games I previously listed, Forspoken was actually marketed as a AAA product.

Perhaps Sony needs to stop spending money on Square exclusives. It is certainly not benefiting Sony and likely not Square either.
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If they bring more games out like Forspoken (a visual masterpiece Picasso would be proud of) they will be printing money.
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Besides Harvestella, all of their games release in the last 12 month have been very poorly received.

Their quantity of output is great, but the quality has been mostly terrible.
Triangle Strategy was poorly received? Tactics Ogre?(to be fair, an old game, but the changes from the PSP release were largely positive). Certainly better than Atlus just releasing an old PSP port of Persona 3.
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I was patiently waiting for FFVII remake on Xbox. It was disheartening learning that I will never have the chance. I used to buy all their titles, but after this I’ve passed buying the Crisis Core Remake. I won’t buy anything else from them. I bet there’s more people that thinks the same.


They need to tell Sony to fuck off with their timed exclusive bullshit and make their heavy hitters available day and date on Xbox and PC. Or atleast PC. It was almost a wrap
for Capcom years ago and they turned that shit around real quick once they starting being serious with pc ports.
Didn't they just said publicly that their exclusivity deals are an issue for their growing plans or so?

Clearly PC gaming is big enough to ignore it... The percentage of people with high end cards is tiny but the install base is so big that it's still a decent number of players, bigger than current PS5 install base... And that's before you start counting mid end cards lmao... And I'm only taking into consideration steam survey numbers lol


What are you doing! , go mobile and you'll live upto your name again, you'll gain nothing but bitterness from the old consoles.

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Their "new" IPs all look like Final Fantasy rejects maybe Square should try something a little more ambitious/risky with their japanese teams, lets see how Capcom does with their new games.


Their choices for which games to release on which platforms are always puzzling, like they choose them at random every time. Outside of the big moneyhats like VIII, why not release all games everywhere? m0ar gmaes = maor monye


The people running SE are the industry worst. I’m saying lower than 343 levels of management.

The only thing saving them is the ff16 and ff14 dev teams.

naw, production costs for an xbox version would cost more than the amount of people that buy their games on xbox.
Lol no
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I said this in a previous thread. Square Enix is relatively small but their output is greater than Sony. It is amazing how many games they release per year. It is not possible to have a consistent level of quality across that many games. They need to half the amount of games they make. That doesn't mean they shouldn't have small projects but they need to focus more on their key franchises to make sure they don't underperform.
Below you can check out the ratio between digital and packaged sales, which is massively in favor of the former. That's unsurprising since all sales for subscriptions and smartphone games are digital.

Square Enix financial results
Wow.. No wonder Sqaure barely wanted to release Pixel Remaster physical.. I hate to see this.
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