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Steam + Windows 10 Task View = Dedicated Big Picture [Virtual] Desktop

So if anyone else is like me who has Windows 10, you're aware of a native feature call Virtual Desktop found in the Task View [Win+Tab] it allow you to add and create new desktops.

Im also going to assume none of us use it.

But today while on Steam i wondered if Big Picture Mode could and remain active on a virtual desktop. It does!

Currently, I have a dual monitor set up vertically. The bottom display is an XP-PEN Artist13.3 Pro 13.3 Inch IPS Drawing Monitor.

What's even cooler is that window 10's Task view allows you to rename each virtual desktop

maybe im just new to doing this or this is pointless all together, but i thought id share for any else who didnt know like me.


Im also going to assume none of us use it.

That's too true, never used the key and to be sure it's not in the way it's also disabled.
It disrupted too many games when I hit it by accident.


I've used it daily on my work laptop for the past few years; one desktop for work, the other for my stuff. You can four finger swipe back and forth between the two with the touchpad.


I actually use task view daily. It's been a feature on linux for a long time now too.

I don't use big picture mode though. If I'm using a PC set on a tv, I have my controller desktop config to do everything.
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