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The Day Before delayed until March 2023, will be now using Unreal Engine 5


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Something almost unheard of, The Day Before developer Fntastic has updated its site to reveal that the company works off of volunteers. Such a production being built off the back of volunteers is not a good sign. According to the website, Fntastic features full-time volunteers and part-time volunteers, which is an odd designation, and it seems full-time volunteers are limited but paid. The part-time volunteers get “cool rewards, participation certificates, and free codes” as compensation, and they do everything from moderation to translating.

“Fntastic’s culture is based on the idea of volunteering,” the site says, and the video attached to the site can only be described as odd. As one man describes the benefits of volunteering at The Day Before developer Fntastic, another stands there oddly, smiling. The man does speak near the end of the video, but the many reactions to this news range from confusion to suspicion and anger.

For many, this spells out employee exploitation, and for others, it smells like a scam.

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Smelled like scam all the way... If the alarm bells don't ring now, there's no helping you and you can't complain later when you've spent your money on garbage.
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