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Low back pain at the highest level

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Tyshawn got SOTY. Nyjah will still go down in the history books. He's one of the most insane skaters of all time. I'm curious what his next plans are since he didn't place in the Olympics and missed SOTY. There's been a camera crew following him round for a few years, making a documentary. I think his video release would be a fitting end to the film but who knows.

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Fuck me, I've never been a fan on NB shoes, but with Andrew reynolds now riding for them, I will have to change my tune. Also insane to see a 40+ year old dude out there still nailing tricks like nothing. That end kick flip looks so fucking good. The noseslide shuv out was also tasty. I could never in a million years ollie that high.



Doesnt need recognition

Listened to this while grocery shopping
(saw It before)
And I had so many laugh out moments.

Soooo good
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