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Xbox launches custom Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 'Xbox Series S' console & controller, along with themed Game Pass T-shirt.

Dick Jones

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Looks great

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There is no Lebron PS5. Its just the faceplates and controler. I'm also not a fan but at least those look premium, not a freaking sticker on a controller and console. Im actually surprized how bad this "especial edition" console look. MS usually does special edition much better than this.

There’s nothing premium looking about either.


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Bro, I still can't get over the exhaust. Strange they would make a custom console for this game...

I mean it's not even a marquee game.
All console manufacterers make deals to get these custom consoles for seemingly random games.
The Series S is relatively easy to skin and relatively cheap which is why im guessing they are doing a bunch of custom Series S consoles

I remember how random the Battlefront 2 PS4 was cuz I was like Battlefront II?

Series X recently had a custom Plagues Tale console which I also was slightly taken aback by.

Im surprised Sony hasnt capitilized on the fact the PS5 uses plates that can easy be customized and sold at a premium.
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