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Blizzard announces massive changes to Diablo 4 starting Season 4


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After months of teasing a massive overhaul to Diablo 4's core design, Blizzard used today's Campfire Chat steam to walk through season 4's rework to loot and many of the game's other core systems over the course of a nearly two-hour stream.

The changes touch almost every aspect of the game, which is probably why the stream opened with game director Joe Shely defining the most important aspects of Diablo 4 as the decisions you make before combat and the ones you make in between to set up what's in store next season.

Season 4's loot rework redefines how you build your character through loot and adds much-needed complexity—and creativity—to Diablo 4's character progression.

Diablo 4's items, and your character as a result, are going to become flexible in ways they've never been since its release. A pair of gloves, for example, can drop with only a few stats, or affixes, you want, and—through two new crafting systems—these can now be shaped around the kind of build you want to play. Blizzard has clearly taken inspiration from Last Epoch and Path of Exile to add a staggering amount of customization to its loot. The hope is that the age of sorting through mountains of gear for the perfect items is finally over—and Blizzard believes it can be done without a loot filter.

  • Item stats are now simplified into flat bonuses like more damage and more health
  • Items with stats like intelligence and strength will only drop for the classes they benefit the most (e.g. sorcerers won't see strength items)
  • Legendaries in world tier 4 will almost always drop at max item power
  • Uniques will drop in world tiers 1 and 2, and Uber Uniques can drop from level 55+ monsters—giving you build-defining items as you level up
  • You can now trade Legendary and Unique items you haven't crafted on to other players, which will fully veer Diablo 4's economy into MMO territory
  • The gold cost to reroll stats through enchanting will hit a cap instead of exponentially increasing
  • Every Legendary aspect in the game will be available in the Codex of Power
  • When you salvage Legendary items, the best aspect rolls are added to your Codex of Power for unlimited uses on other items
  • Ancestral Legendary and Unique items (Ubers too!) can drop with stats already upgraded before you even start crafting

New endgame activities​

All of these improvements will give you the extra power you'll need for Diablo 4's newest endgame activities:

  • Helltide will show up in all world tiers with more monsters and a new summonable boss
  • Andariel is a new boss who drops the same items as Duriel
  • The Pit of the Artificer houses timed, randomized dungeons of increasing difficulty (over 100 tiers) for rare crafting materials and items to summon…
  • New "Tormented" bosses who have a higher chance to drop Uber Uniques and will drop a Resplendent Spark (you need four to craft an Uber of your choice) on your first kill


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