Bloober Team Working On Yet Another Horror Game


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Private Division is a smaller-scale publishing label owned by Take-Two Interactive (owners of Rockstar and 2K), and to celebrate the division's fifth anniversary, it announced its partnership with development studio Bloober Team to create a survival-horror title based on a new IP.

Besides the genre, nothing was revealed about the title or the IP, but the Private Division blog post does confirm that the game "is not expected to launch before calendar 2025," meaning it will probably be a while before we even see it in action. Piotr Babieno, Chief Executive Officer of Bloober Team, wrote in this blog post that this title shall help the studio "become a leader in the horror industry at large." He also celebrated the partnership with Private Division, touting how approachable they are.

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SH2 Remake
Layers of Fear
and now this

they're a small team with already a shaky record, stretching themselves out thin like this probably not a great idea ..

Bingo. It's going to be a shit show tho I gotta appreciate the fact that they are at least trying to keep the horror genre alive. Not many known studios give a shit anymore.

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Man, Bloober frustrates me to no end because I'm super happy for them with their Nibris background and all. I think it's really cool that some of the original team stuck with it and really made a name for themselves.

The games though, man, just so cliche and hamfisted. I'd love for them to expand on what they do and actually offer some gameplay and replay value. Even something like The Medium, no chapter select, no unlockables. Just literally play the game and that's it.
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Well, I still cover Resident Evil sometimes, but I do want to focus more this year on doing real life, offline related activities. I also think other companies are capable of making better horror games than Capcom, because Capcom has not always delivered over the last several years. The decline actually goes way, way back. But with how interesting the survival horror genre has gotten as of late, I have experienced a bit of a jolt.

That isn't to say I have thrown in the towel. You know? But it can be a load of meh with RE topics at times, that I cannot always be bothered talking about it much anymore. :D

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Bloober Team is awesome, love all their games, fuck the haters.

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I've liked (not loved) and appreciated all of Bloober's games. Though they could benefit from an editor as their games (barring The Medium) have been too long, imo.

When you're bombarded by wild imagery for hours and hours, it tends to lose its impact. Pare it down to the best stuff and leave out Jump Scare #423.

I get the feeling they do it in order to justify the lack of gameplay, since they border on walking simulators. Maybe by adding more gameplay, like they did for The Medium, they won't feel the need to pad as much anymore.


I really want Silent Hill 2 to be good but the warning signs are already there in the trailer, it just doesn't 'feel' right. I hated the Medium though and I'm not sure I want James to be talking every two seconds and narrating every action.
Honestly more excited for that Japanese set Tripophobia looking Silent Hill, hopefully gameplay is as unique as the trailer.
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