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Capturing clips on Xbox

Rossco EZ

Why is capturing clips on Xbox such a nightmare? I've tried using a usb stick and an external SSD now to record some longer 4k clips and it's just broken. firstly, I recorded a 10minute clip and then another around 12minutes long on the usb stick, plugged it into my laptop to view and see if they recorded ok and the clips have recorded but have no sound.

so, I thought I'll just use a spare external SSD in case it was an issue with the usb stick, now when I click start recording it shows a full hour can be recorded but after 2 minutes the recording just stops and will not record any longer. all my settings are correct and I've watched several videos explaining how to record longer clips but I keep either getting no sound or my clips will not go over 2minutes. tried different games as well and they stop recording after 2 minutes.

why are externals even needed to this stuff, even ps4 could do 1 hour without requiring all this. max you can do on series x is 3 minutes at 720p..
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