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Evercade firmware 2.0.2 released for Evercade VS and Evercade Handheld

Agent X

Blaze Entertainment has released firmware 2.0.2 for both the Evercade VS and the Evercade Handheld today. See this blog post from their official site:

Two of the biggest features added by this update are a “reset” option for the in-game menu that will allow you to quickly reset your game, and for Evercade VS they’ve added a “nearest neighbour” filter for the pixel perfect display mode, which will address some reported issues with image quality.

The changelog describes all of the new features:

Changelog – Firmware version 2.0.2 – 09/02/2022​

All Evercade Consoles

  • Fixed various typos in descriptions, controller mapping, themes, and player numbers.
  • Improved consistency of wording on the mapping screen
  • Improved in-game menu sub window scrolling and clipping
  • Menu navigation menus now loop vertically (Up + Down)
  • Holding directions now scroll in the main menu and in-game menu
  • Reduced line spacing height on in-game control mappings for 720p/1080p displays
  • Added restart game button to the in-game menu
  • Pressing left on a subwindow whilst in the in-game menu will now snap back to the main in-game menu
  • Fixed Indie Heroes 1 GB/GBC/GBA saves not displaying on FW v2.X.X Handheld or VS (See notes)
  • Added notification system to alert/warn users of potential save state incompatibility on game updates before an update is applied.

Evercade VS

  • Added Nearest Neighbour filtering when using Pixel Perfect mode
  • Improved/expanded compatibility with third-party controllers
  • Improved analog control mapping for Evercade D-Pad
  • D-pad cursor alignment adjusted on game details
  • Added more characters to the wifi input
  • Fixed overlapping text in-game for Dark Chambers (2600)
  • Fixed frame rate issues with certain games running with certain shaders
  • Fixed issue where custom control mapping wouldn’t apply until restart
  • Added Pressing MENU on main menu will move focus to main nav bar
  • Increased scrolling speed in main menu
  • Fixed mixed translations for main menu game options
  • Updated Legal & Credits
  • Added missing bonus game mapping information
  • Fixed a bug with a certain secret…
  • Fixed in-game prompt clipping for German language users
  • Improved positioning for in-game prompts
  • Updated in-game scanline preview for main menu shader option

Evercade Handheld

  • Added battery indicator to in-game menu (handheld & 720p mode)
  • Fixed controls bug for Worms Armageddon
  • Fixed green light during console use
  • Improved performance on all emulation

Game Patches

There have been patches to various games with reported bugs and issues. Where stated, an update may only be available via the Evercade VS due to its size. But once the cart is inserted, the patch will update the cartridge and will be functional across all systems. If an update could affect the compatibility of existing save states, a warning prompt will be displayed.

  • Patched Quest Arrest
  • Patched Mania Challenge
  • Patched Yazzie
  • Patched Devwill Too
  • Patched Thunder Hoop (Update can only be applied via Evercade VS)


For any users still using 1.x.x Evercade handheld Firmware, savestates for portable indie/homebrew games on Indie Heroes Collection 1 will now be transferred to a new format when the game is loaded on a 2.x.x handheld or VS. This means you must update your handheld to 2.x.x if you want to continue using those save states with your handheld. This only affects certain titles and only on Indie Heroes Collection 1. Please note Handheld 2.x.x savestates for these titles are fully compatible between the VS without issue.

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