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Evil Dead: The Game - Review Thread

Takes a while to find a match as the demon. Maybe because I’m level 1?

Only one demon player per match, so it takes longer to match. Survivors you can get into games in a few seconds often, but for demon player it can take like 5 or more mins waiting. Seeing lot of folks who just play nothing but demon also so theres going to be lot less slots for players in MP for demon.

Reizo Ryuu

Patch notes:

Patch 1.0.5​

Stability / Quality of Life

  • Implemented various fixes to combat cheats such as speed hacks, health regeneration, fake nicknames, and character model changing. A larger anti-cheat update is also forthcoming in another update soon.
  • Addressed an exploit where players could cancel animations to perform actions faster than intended
  • Improved server stability
  • Various bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed crashing after closing the pause menu on "Find a way out of the pit" objective in Mission 5


  • Fixed loss of input bug when a possessed unit dies

  • Updated balancing to Cheryl's healing attributes
  • Updated balancing to Evil Dead 1 Ash’s healing attributes
  • Adjusted values to Amanda’s Weapon Master: Pistol Skill
  • Fixed an issue causing loss of input when Survivors are possessed by Demon, exit vehicles, or try to pick up full stacks of items
  • Fixed an issue that caused a Survivor to be immortal at death or when using a healing item in the storm
  • Fixed an issue where Survivors can deal 1M damage to Demon and deadites


  • Fixed Playstation 4 Trophies not synchronizing

The highlighted are pretty important I think, I had a couple games with people that I couldn't kill and they would just wreck my demons easily.
The melee canceling was fun, but it made playing as survivor a bit too easy (in coop specifically).

Hope cheryl didn't get nerfed too hard, since I use her the most.


her ability was butchered pretty hard. it heals less and now it has a 120 sec CD instead of 90. Pretty worthless
Heals less would have been fine. 120 sec cool down should have handed to the Ash's stupid exorcist ability.

Although the biggest change I'd like to see is the demon getting booted when the dagger/page objectives are completed. It's fine if you're at the location but it really shouldnt work when you're halfway across the map defending the other objective.
Bought the game on PC , played it for an hour, loved it, asked if my friends want to join said no cause it's on Epic Games Store for PC - refunded it... ah well maybe one day when it's on Steam, or not ...
Getting tired of all the EGS hate while Valve doesn't even want to fix Team Fortress 2
I'm enjoying the game but wow, fuck those "missions". I finished them last night but they are trash as fuck. I lost one because I beat Eligos with like 2 seconds left but since it takes a second for the game to register that you finished the mission, it failed. Then the one with Pablo, I got too close to a deadite that killed with me from full health with a shield in one shot. Then the last mission where you have to fight evil Ash and he just keeps using the health drain attack over and over.

Glad they are over.

Reizo Ryuu


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