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Fans Create Perfectly Haunting Silent Hill Remake in Unreal Engine 5


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Have you ever wondered what Silent Hill might look like on a more modern game engine? Luckily, one group of developers called Codeless Studio took it upon themselves to explore that question, reimagining Silent Hill in Unreal Engine 5.

On January 9th, Codeless Studio uploaded a four-and-a-half-minute video showcasing their Silent Hill fan remake. The video follows the first few minutes of the original Silent Hill game, as Harry Mason cautiously walks through the eponymous Silent Hill for the first time.

Though the video shows pre-alpha gameplay footage, the characters and environment already look fantastic. Also using fog to obscure distant buildings, the remake retains the same feeling of growing unease that made the original so tense. Keeping the original off-kilter camera angles and industrial soundtrack, this Unreal Engine 5 version visually takes Silent Hill to the next level.

Though Codeless Studio’s remake isn’t a 1-to-1 copy of the original, you can catch glimpses of the major recognizable moments in the video. Harry Mason’s crashed car eases out of frame, the broken wheelchair and gurney waver in the alley. Unreal 5’s advanced lighting really makes the rain and blood pop, forcing the viewer to take notice as the streets get progressively slicker with blood.

Even cooler, the alleyway scenes feel even more claustrophobic and cramped in the remake. Lit only by a match, the realistic flame emits only a small radius of light. With only so much visible, it makes turning each corner more dreadful than the last. It’s an impressive visual upgrade, yet keeps the design that made Silent Hill such a successful horror game.

This is a fan remake of Silent Hill, we are not related nor have anything to do with Konami and its intellectual property.
It's a real time gameplay footage running on Unreal Engine 5.
Hello everyone!
First of all we would like to thank you for all the love and support you have given to our project, we feel totally overwhelmed with love and we know that there are many things to polish!
Secondly, nobody but us would like to finish it, but the Silent Hill license is not ours so it is legally impossible for us. Our intention has been to share with you what is something we love and we hope you do too.
We will try to continue the project, improving the demo and adding different playable areas, puzzles, enemies...
Again we want to thank you for all your support and love.
Best regards!

PS: we will keep uploading content (related or not to Silent Hill)!


Good GIF


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
Looks so basic and blocky aping the original so much you might as well play that and be impressed with what was achieved on the PS at least.

Also, I'm pretty sure he's only supposed to *hear* footsteps in that direction rather than stop and look at some pink panther stuff on the ground.

Maybe if they added snow that has accumulated on surfaces you could be able to also see them for a visual element on top but they didn't, lol.
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Generally a lot of fan remake demos are good but I have to say this was not... good. The one thing that stuck out the most is Harry walking and running way too confidently. This is completely opposite to how his animations in the original game showing him being wary with all his actions.


Terrible, I've seen a lot of fan made stuff but this is really bad, and especially the rendering and the amounts of details is really bad for something made in UE5

Airbus Jr

So many people being judgemental here

This is fanmade and done by random dude not profesional game developer team

It was nicely done and already better than gta trilogy
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While incredibly rough, seeing the environments alone was really neat.

Man, I truly hope all the BS about a new SH was legitimate, and if so I hope it's worth the wait to some degree.


I know it's just a fan-made pre-alpha whatnots, but if this ever became a reality, whoever makes it. PLEASE. For the the love of all that is righteous, DO NOT GIVE HARRY SKINNY FUCKING JEANS.


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So many people being judgemental here

This is fanmade and done by random dude not profesional game developer team

It was nicely done and already better than gta trilogy

A lot of Unreal Engine stuff made by one or a few people in their spare time looks really impressive and high-end. This does not. It looks super bad.


They could do a lot with sound-and graphical-ambience to not make it look like a game from the early 2000's..!


Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
I appreciate the effort, but it looks generic AF.

I guess I can't expect anything else from Unreal Engine. Congratulations to the guys that made it, we believe in you.
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