Fear Fright Land; a perfect but obscure horror game for Spooktober...but what are your recommendations?


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I always love A) telling people about awesome games they may love and not know about and b) being told about games I don't know about any may love haha...and I am looking to play some legit obscure or random horror games this Halloween season.

But if you've never heard of Fear Fright Land (and odds are you probably haven't) now you have...and you should probably play it! Because nothing beats a game that includes mermaid clowns, bear clowns, spider clowns...and basically every other configuration of clown you could possibly mention...that you also get to blow away to meet their clown maker!

but in all seriousness Fear Fright Land (or Haunted Museum II...but nobody calls it that) is an amazing light gun game that runs in Windows 10 perfectly and even supports the Sinden Light gun. Not bad for an arcade exclusive Taito Type X game! Plus if you are genuinely afraid of clowns this could be some really good therapy!

But I'd love to hear some obscure horror gaming recommendations as well! What do you have for me Gaf?

edit : added another recommendation :)
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I made a halloween freeware compilation last year:

Halloween special!
Yeah, its still early but i've decided to compile a list inspired by this thread
I'm gonna put up a list of spooky freeware games.

Already mentioned games:
Ib (Translation page)
An horror rpg maker game. Its set in an art museum, and it has a interesting story with cool levels and puzzles. It should be a fun game to play on a friday night.

Yumme Nikki (Steam)
Another famous entry. It's a fairly old game from the early 2000's that gained its own cult following. Its essentially a rpg maker walking simulator where you control a girl through whats assumed to be her dreams. The game is known for its mysterious and eery nature and thats most likely the reason why it became so popular in the first place. There's even a list of fangames that took inspiration from its formula, such as:
.flow, (Wiki page with download and instructions) and
Yumme 2kki (Wiki page with download and instructions)
Since they were rpg maker games, i'll add in some more. After all they always have a good dosage of spookyness:
The Witch's House (Translation page)
Mad Father (
Translation page)
Blank Dream (
Translation page)
Pocket Mirror (
Itch io)
They all follow similar formulas to Ib albeit in different settings. Ib is still my favorite though.

OFF (Wiki page with various download links)
Technically also a RPG maker game, but it follows a slightly different formula from the previous ones. This one has actual turn based combat and rather than horror, its more of a creepily weird game.

Yumme Nikki 3D (Itch io)
Not a fan of RPG maker games? You can try this 3D version of Yumme nikki. The contents are completely different but its still an interesting catch.

Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion (Steam)
It follows an interesting concept. You traverse through 1000 rooms while trying to survive cute horror. It feels more like parody than terror, but it does have its moments of tension and, of course, jump scares.

Doki Doki Literature Club (Steam) (Itch Io)
Of course this one was coming. If you already know then thats that. If you don't, well, its just a cute VN where you interact with cute girls in a literature club, thats it really. Why is it on a halloween list you ask? No reason, just felt like mentioning it.

2:22 AM (Itch Io)
A relatively short yet somewhat disturbing game. As the title suggests, try playing this late in the night with the lights turned off.

Penumbra (Itch io)
A walking simulator of sorts with puzzles. Enjoy a great atmosphere while running away from creepy creatures

Cry of Fear (Steam)
Made in the golden source engine (thats right, THAT golden source engine). It follows a similar formula to 'classic' horror games like RE, where you traverse through a eerie town shooting the horrors you find along the way. Also, it has a coop mode.

We Were Here (Steam)
A puzzle 2 player game. Its not exactly scary but it does have that deliciously tense atmosphere.

SCP-087-B (Official site)
You walk down stairs. Thats it. Really.

SCP - Containment Breach (Official site)
Don't. Blink.

Those are the ones I can remember. Want some more? You can always search for them with the right tags in places such as steam or itch io


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Those ps1-era games like murder house have been getting popular on steam.
Yeah PS1 graphical style survival horror and horror games seem big lately. Ever since "Back in 1996" came out they've been popular. Which I am super into as I grew up with PS1


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another rec for October. Sadly this game basically got ignored compared to the main line Amnesia games which is just an absolute bummer IMO as it's legit creepy

Honestly, some of the scariest stuff I have ever played. Don't be deterred by it's graphics. I believe it's on itch.io if you want the first.

Cannot wait for the trilogy to be on Steam.
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