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Why the fuck do you people post spoilers?!? Wtf? It is not funny.

But this confirm my theory about the story...
It's ridiculous. I finished my Horizon run on PC last night, and the post credit scene with Sylens capturing Hades hinted at something in space awakening him, but I assumed it was just a bunch of humans who decided to leave the planet and chill in space for the next millennia. I thought Ted Faro somehow survived and built a society on the Moon or Mars. Imagine a society created by that sociopath lol.

BTW, Wanted to continue our chat from the quality of life thread now that Ive finished the game on PC. After our chat, I went hunting for some of the more powerful mods and did pretty much the entire frozen wilds DLC. That DLC was flipping hard even on Normal with my OP base game weapons that did little to no damage. The Fireclaw side quest after the DLC campaign was brutal. Took forever to take them down. It wasnt until I got the new DLC weapons and mods that I finally started to close the gap. Started the game on Very hard to get the NG+ weapons that come with 4 mod slots before I tackle Ultra Hard, and am breezing through the game. Such a stark difference from my first run. Though Im sure the DLC will be hard.

Anyway, I really like what they did with the DLC. It is better than the base game in pretty much every way. Your side quests grant you weapons, weapon mods, and weapon upgrades. I totally missed out on upgrading my ice rail and forgefire because I didnt do the side quest, but thats how it should be. Every side quest should reward you properly, and I love that the hardest side quest in the game (kill five fireclaws) gives you the best mod in the game. The one with 67 damage and 50 Handling. I just might run through the game 4 times just to get 4 of those in my powershot bow. So for quality of life changes, Id just have them continue what they did in the DLC.

Lastly, playing through the story again and really getting into min maxing made me realize just why i loved this game so much. 5 years is a long time and I had forgotten just how good this game is. It was my GOTY in 2017, but over the years I had come to compare it to games like RDR2, GOW, Ghost of Tsushima and believe it or not Anthem, but it's still pretty fucking phenomenal. Elizabeth is a fantastic character, probably one of the best, and if they had made you play as her in flashbacks, people today would be raving about her.
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Dude put all of that in spoiler please.

Second thing, my theory about the sequel is not what you think
the finale with sylens is just him capturing the ia with something he build, the spear that he gave to aloy was to transform hades in an entity that he can capture with that thing, nothing space-y about it (although guerrilla need to tell me how he did what he did, it looked pretty silly in what is a plot full of microdefails to justify every silly stuff)

My theory about the space is one of the most accreditated between horizon fans and it basically is the odissey project never really failing but having success instead, but now the evolved humans in the space want to return to earth and they sended the signal to woke hades and the other IA to terraform the planet and get rid of all the humans without a war.

The space aliens are just ex-humans than now are using this new red plague (probably using another IA to do that) to kill all the humans again after their hades plan got fucked by aloy.

Dude you really need to follow this channel if you like horizon lore or the possible theories for the sequel, some are pretty wild (but with a lot of lore behind so not out of the ass theories)

The dlc has better side quests and rewards for them, also some of the best dinos and farcbetter mocap during chit-chat, and the story is smaller and more personal, but nothing beat the plot of the vanilla game for me.
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Fuck me, 100+ hours with this game and this is the first time i see this

And people have the courage to say that this shit was not in the top 10 graphic from past gen or that gow look much better...it even has believable fake rtx water reflections for the bear...

Hopefully they improved dinobot interaction with water and the wooden human animations during combat in the sequel...

EDIT: well fuck me twice, of course i never saw that, it is like an arena mod for pc...

I need more of this in the sequel.
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