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Instagram model confirms she’s Resident Evil 4 remake’s Ashley - Voice Actor Matthew Mercer not involved


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Shortly after the trailer’s publication, model Freya confirmed she was behind the new Ashley featured in the reveal trailer. She wrote: “When I saw the trailer, I almost cried. I’m so happy right now. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart”.

She later added: “I’m so glad to join the RE family”.

Freya is a Japan-based model who runs a Patreon and Instagram account. She also occasionally live streams video games on her YouTube channel.

“I have always had a passion for modelling,” she wrote. “However, I am not tied to any agency, and I prefer to create my own pictures together with a photographer.”


During yesterday's PlayStation State of Play, Capcom kicked off the event by confirming it would be releasing Resident Evil 4 Remake next spring. Fans immediately grew excited about the potential of this project and reached out to Leon Kennedy actor Matthew Mercer to see if he'd reprise his role. Sadly, Mercer stated he's not involved in the project, but hopes whoever is playing the iconic character will make everyone proud. Mercer didn't play Leon in the original Resident Evil 4, that was Paul Mercier, but it's unclear if he will be playing the character. Matthew Mercer played Leon in Resident Evil 6 and some animated films, but it's likely Nick Apostolides, the voice of Leon in Resident Evil 2 Remake and Netflix's Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, will take on the role for Resident Evil 4 Remake. Apostolides has yet to confirm or deny whether he will reprise his role, however.

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It’s been a while since my last play though but I reckon she will fit the role well. Shame about Leon’s voice actor not making a return.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
The one sound bite we heard from the trailer definitely sounded like the actor from the Re2 remake.



Lol, will Capcom stick to the original ending of Ashley being rejected by Leon at the end or will feminazis take up a new issue?


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She is cute.
Definitely looks like close the original which is good.
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(quickly checks Google)

Oh, okay, she’s 23. LOL, sorry, a few of these photos of her made her look a little sus age-wise, and I mean even the OG Ashley’s age was kind of questionable (she’s 20, but still it was hard to tell exactly), but we’re all good.

(calls FBI)

No, we’re all good here now. False alarm.


She's cute though she will probably look wierd in game as all the uncanny Valley models in the RE engine.
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My mind is blown that Matthew Mercer was the original voice actor for Ashley, impressive range.

Which is funny to think about since he does do voices for all the NPCs, male and female, in his D&D campaigns on Critical Role. Obviously there’s some overlap but he does indeed have a pretty good range. Obviously the female voices don’t sound exactly accurate but he probably does a better job than most dudes would if they tried.


She's cute though she will probably look wierd in game as all the uncanny Valley models in the RE engine.

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Uncanny? With RE Engine? Who we talking about? At best I could say Remake Claire is slightly off, and the way Mia’s hair moved in 7 always looked weird to me, but not to the point of uncanny valley and other than that I always thought the faces were great. We haven’t got the best look at Leon, Ada, or the villains of 4 yet, but the photo of Ashley looked good.

Like, calling something uncanny valley I reserve for shit like the Polar Express film. Now THAT had some weird ass looking CGI faces.
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