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Internal emails reveal that Activision was briefed on Nintendo Switch 2 last year, similar to PS4/Xbox One in performance


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Sounds exactly like what most people are/should be expecting. Either way it’ll be a huge bump from the current Switch, especially with DLSS.

Can’t wait!
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I believe Activisions internal discussions used in a court case over a bunch of nobodies making unrealistic claims. One is verified evidence, the other is not.

Also reliable nvda leakers saying 8nm.

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Hype is fun. Realistic expectations are boring.
And really, literally nobody in here actually believes the wildest leaks of the last weeks. It’s just riding the hype train is a lot of fun.


PS4 with DLSS capabilities is way more believable than anything fanboys tried to push.

Rich from Digital Foundry said something similar and thats the route I believe they should follow. Reaching PS4 specs in Nvidia fashion would be more acceptable.
Meaning, a AMD octa-core jaguar = Nvidia ARM octa-core similar or better, 8 GDDR5 AMD = 8 GDDR5 Nvidia.

So who the fuck made up all the Switch 2 was shown at Gamescom with Matrix/UE5 visuals close to PS5/XSX via DLSS bullshit?

Probably hyperbole from gaming journalists. Most of the game journalist are Nintendo fanboys at their core. Rich from Digital Foundry said that is totally fine for Switch 2 to try demostrate their running Matrix U5 demo, but hype usually blind some folks.

The cuts back will be the key factor for the Matrix demostration. DLSS will only mitigate the native resolution. DLSS will not be used to increase texture res or polygon quality, shader.

I quite sure Digital Foundry wasn't invited for this main reason. They would destrone every lie/fake those leakers are pushing and put into reality what Nintendo really can do with their money/cost/size.

And lets be honesty. Saying Switch 2 is not near to PS5/Series X is not offensive at all. They can still push much more with PS4 or PS4PRO specs. We are talking about Nintendo here. Those guys do wonders with the hardware in mind.
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