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Issues with pop in on new PC, tech heads help a newbie out pls


Forgive me as I'm new to PC gaming. I noticed after 2 days my in game performance suddenly became slightly worse on GW2, pop in started happening where it wasnt before. Visuals are still stunning but it seems to have trouble streaming textures. Distant terrain pops in out of nowhere, and even close up trees and npcs just 'appear'.


I have been thinking the PC is faulty. Went to device manager to make sure drivers are up to date, and noticed under display adapters there are 2:

AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics
Nvidia Geforce RTX4070

Furthermore, I have a program that doesnt start, its called AMD software adrenaline edition. It has a pop up saying Windows has overwritten the driver and this program is no longer compatible.

Is there anything there that could be causing my issue and if so is there a fix?

Apologies if this is all normal and my post is nonsense, I am new to this PC lark as I have always been console only and so not too tech savvy, I just wanted a PC that play Guild Wars 2 at max settings with good fps

On a side note...god damn I'm impressed with how it looks, played RDR2 and only expected XSX graphics at higher frames but jesus it was like a Mario 64 moment


It could be a problem specifically with the game having some bottleneck or weird performance setting, since GW2 isn't exactly new, and designed to run with latest hardware. You can run something like openhardwaremonitor while playing to see if your temperatures are okay and if anything is running at 100%.


Thanks guys will try these out. Red Dead 2 is the same, sometimes entire surfaces just appear as if from nowhere.

Its driving me mad!
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