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Lara Croft is making her Switch debut in Tomb Raider spin-off ports in 2022


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Rather than a port of one of the mainline Tomb Raider games, however, it will instead be bringing spin-off titles Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris to Nintendo‘s system.

Both titles were originally developed by Crystal Dynamics, but are being ported to the Switch by Feral Interactive, who previously received praise for their Switch ports of Alien Isolation and Grid Autosport.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light was an isometric action-adventure game which was released on Xbox 360, PS3 , PC and iOS in 2010.



Aren't these well regarded games?

Pretty cool actually but of course I'd wanna see some of the other titles as well.


Wish it was ports of the original Trilogy. Those really need a re-release.

Never got into these but I think may own one of them


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I didnt get on well with Osiris but I fucking loved GoL.

GoL is such mega fun getting all the secret items and completing the level challenges to unlock buffs. It has a perfect gameplay loop, the more time you spend perfecting earlier levels before moving on the more power/options you have going forward, but even if you wait til the end to go back and do the challenges after you finish its still fun just beating the levels with a high multiplier anyway and speedrunning them is also really fun too since you can constantly roll, and do sort of mini sequence breaks by one cycling enemies.

Its super fun to drop mines and roll away and denonate them 1 millisecond after you leave the damage radius, feels great.

I did all that solo but its probably even better in coop, although its better to have the other someone be at the same skill level as you since there aren't enough points to be had in each level to allow both players to get the "gold" medal if you keep breaking your multiplier, multiple runs will be required in that case, but most levels are 5-6 mins max so its not a big issue.
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Guardian of Light is a great game. Best co-op of my life, easily.

Temple of Osiris is less interesting and refined. Still solid, but definitely inferior.


We need Nicobass to get hired & finish the TR2 remake.

None of this Crystal Dynamics "fake" Lara nonsense, a proper true to the original remake is what we need, like the Demo that's currently floating around.
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