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Let's Establish What Constitutes "Next Gen" for PS5/Xbox Series Generation


If it looks like nothing in the previous gen could run it without compromises, then it's next-gen. I thought this was always the way we determined what looked next-gen, and what didn't. You will never know the technical specifics of a game, so it's all eye-ball test. In that regard, I like to keep it simple. Can a PS4/X1/PS4P/X1X run this PS5 or XSX game as-is? If not, then that's next-gen. It has to be more than resolution and framerate bumps, though. Those are no different than boost mode in BC. There should be some modifications to the assets and/or graphics engine that add a noticeable level of improvement.

Yeah, start simple and add a bunch of subjective bullshit to the formula. Pretty much how it works. Some will think a game is next-gen, and some won't. Fuel for dumbass console wars.



Yeah motion clarity and input responsiveness are so overrated; can't wait for all those beautiful, but slow motion and laggy as fuck fighting games.
The most misleading mp4 I've seen. The 30fps motion has intentional frame skips added. It's total bullshit
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