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Official NeoGAF E3 2006 Thread (initial post updated regularly)

Bhav said:
Just wanted to let you guys know about my E3 countdown page:




The Sony and Nintendo conferences should be very interesting this year - they'll have a lot more to say that Microsoft.

You rock! Thanks for the countdown it helps alot. I wasnt sure the exact date and time for the conferences. With this Countdown I can count down to the last secs until they start.


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Vaandaviii said:
In european times

may 8 => Square (9:00) and Sony (23:00)
may 9 => Nintendo (18:30), Microsoft (20:30) and Konami ("24:30", already may 10)
Wrong... if the UK one is right that is.
Anyone have the right European times?

Mau ®

tsp_gatmog said:
Has anything at all been said about Silent Hill 5, for any platform?

The plataform seems to be the PS3 ansd it also seems to be exclusive given past comments by the developer. They been working on it for 2 years now so I guess they must have something to show!


i updated the first post with as much relevant info from this past week as possible. did i miss anything important?

Doc Holliday

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Got my badge bitches! Hopefully I can update you guys with crap from the show. Good luck gaf!

PS Awesome job amir0x!
Nintendo's E3 site is up.


E3 2006 is on the way and Nintendo has an exciting line-up to showcase. If you want the official scoop on all Nintendo’s products, look no further than the Nintendo official E3 page brought to you by Nintendo Power. Bookmark this page now, and come back on May 9th for live coverage of Nintendo’s press event, and ongoing coverage from the show floor when the show starts the next day.


Xrenity said:
You're a week early :D

Or was that a joke.

Actually, I was half-asleep and had just gottent out of a final. I wan like "w00t, Nintendo and Microsoft conferences today."

I then sat down at the computer and posted that before realizing that I was a week off.

Or maybe the final Rev secret is time travel...


Himuro said:
Am the only one worried this E3 is going to be disappointing like last years? Last years was hyped to hell and it sucked! Not many interesting things happened.

Considering 2 consoles are coming out this, then for Sony and Nintendo's sake, I hope to hell it's not disappointing.


Himuro said:
Am the only one worried this E3 is going to be disappointing like last years? Last years was hyped to hell and it sucked! Not many interesting things happened.
wii and ps3 is playable.
This is all i have to add



aoi tsuki said:
Will the IRC channel be used, or will all "official" chat be in the DC++ hub?

Have we agreed on which to use? It would be silly to have 2 groups chatting in different places really.
MrPing1000 said:
yep thus my UK times on the first page are still right. I hope
No they aren't, as we are also observing daylight savings.

We are currently in British Summer Time (BST) which is GMT+1. So you'll need to fix your clocks ;)


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Gametrailers was aquired by MTV last year, maybe they have some MTV servers up their sleeves. They are going to get hammered, that's for sure.
PlayStation Tree said:
There's no way they will be able to keep their site up, is there? Has any other site ever pulled this kind of thing off?
Not sure. I think Microsoft tried to in 2004 and their site got absolutely slaughtered.
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